Celebrity Coach Under Fire for Calling Patrick Mahomes ‘Overrated’

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.


here are plenty of pundits that like to zig while everyone else zags in order to attract attention to themselves. That’s what Jason Brown, a football coach that was featured in Netflix’s Last Chance U, did recently when he gave his opinion of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and has Chiefs Kingdom up in arms over it.

“I can’t make an opinion on this guy being overrated? I’ve never attacked Mahomes personally, this is an opinion-based profession,” Brown said on Fearless with Jason Whitlock regarding him calling Mahomes overrated.

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Brown Explains Why Mahomes is Overrated

Jason Brown explained to Jason Whitlock why Patrick Mahomes is overrated.

“Let’s be clear, Alex Smith under Andy Reid had nowhere near this roster. Alex Smith went 50-26 as a starter, let’s not act like Patrick Mahomes just re-invented the wheel here,” Brown said. “Alex Smith had three seasons in a row with a completion percentage over 66 percent, and over a 95 rating. Mahomes has had a 66, 65, 66, 66, and 67 this year, the same as Alex Smith, but Mahomes’ rating is 10 points higher than Alex Smith. Do you know why? Because Andy Reid has to create an offense that is conducive for Pat Mahomes to have success in.

“Andy Reid has the greatest roster he’s ever had in his coaching career the last four years, arguably, and he has what? He’s lost a Super Bowl, he’s gotten beat by (Tom) Brady twice, and we’re sitting here condoning Mahomes as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Let’s pump our brakes. I never said he was garbage. I know he’s an athletic freak, but let’s pump our brakes.”

Brown then explained his opinion is also based on the film he’s watched of Mahomes and Kansas City’s offense.

“I’ve broken down the film entirely. He’s not doing this offense with anyone else,” Brown continued. “Without this offense, Patrick Mahomes isn’t who he is. Why is that hard to understand? He doesn’t sit in the pocket and throw dig routes, corner routes, and post routes on time. This isn’t Patrick Mahomes. He has to shovel pass the ball, make ad-lib plays, and move the pocket to make sure he’s comfortable.

“Mike Vick stood in the pocket and made better throws on time. Mahomes runs a gimmicky system that is created for him because of his skill set, so let’s pump our brakes when we talk about the GOAT.”

Twitter Reacts to Brown Calling Mahomes Overrated

Twitter users reacted to Jason Brown calling Patrick Mahomes overrated.

“There’s no way y’all can take a dude serious that said Mahomes would be average without Andy Reid, lol. Dude said all (Tyreek) Hill did was run go routes, lol,” one Twitter user wrote.

“You said Aaron Rodgers made MVS a tradable commodity but the Chiefs signed him as a FA,” another user wrote. “And you said Mahomes did nothing with him. Most receptions in a season in MVS’s career and three yards from tying his career best yardage in a season lol.”

” You’re about the only person in this world who thinks this. You just want to be different,” another user wrote.

“Dude. You’re a clown. Scoreboard, hardware, championships. Nothing speaks louder. And I liked you,” another user wrote. “You said you’d rather have Mac Jones than Mahomes. Why can’t Bill win a playoff game then? That doesn’t deserve an argument. Anyone with common sense knows that’s ridiculous.”

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