Patrick Mahomes Addresses His Alleged Conversation With Brother, Brittany Matthews

Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews

Getty Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes with fiancée Brittany Matthews on March 4, 2020.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his family were a trending topic in the week following the 2022 Super Bowl due to an alleged conversation he had with his brother, Jackson Mahomes, and fiancée, Brittany Matthews.

This came to fruition due to former NFL lineman Rich Ohrnberger tweeting that he was informed that Mahomes had told his brother and fiancée they weren’t allowed to attend his games moving forward because they have become a “distraction”.

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“Another interesting note… I’ve been told, Patrick Mahomes had a sit down following the season with his brother and fiancé. Ultimately it concluded with him asking them to not attend games this upcoming season,” Ohrnberger wrote in a since-deleted tweet thread.

“Not surprisingly, Mahomes believes that Jackson and Brittany have become a distraction, and their sideline antics are bad for his brand. A lot can change over an offseason, but for now that’s the story as it was told to me.”

HeavyTweets from former NFL lineman Rich Ornberger regarding Patrick Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, and Brittany Matthews.

Several reputable reporters refuted Ohrnberger’s report, claiming that they received the same information from a person claiming to be an NFL source. Ohrnberger also acknowledged that he could not substantiate the info he received regarding Mahomes and therefore would delete the tweets about the Chiefs quarterback.

However, Mahomes also took to Twitter to put to rest any suspicion of that conversation actually taking place.

Mahomes Puts Rumors to Rest With Tweet

Mahomes posted one tweet which — hopefully — puts to rest the narrative that was brought to life by Ohrnberger.

“Y’all just be making stuff up these days,” Mahomes wrote on February 18.

Twitter Reacts to Mahomes Controversy

Twitter users reacted to the narrative involving the Mahomes family.

I love @PatrickMahomes & I love his family (@brittanylynne8 @jacksonmahomes @tootgail) I never want him to play for another team. Can all of you leave him alone so he can stay happy? If I were him I’d be so angry I would leave KC. Please enjoy him playing for KC & stop hating!” one Twitter user wrote.

You never attack people’s families. They are innocent bystanders. @PatrickMahomes hasn’t done anything to warrant this, nor has @brittanylynne8 or @jacksonmahomes. Just leave them alone. I am proud to say they are apart of my city,” another user wrote.

What I’m being told is @PatrickMahomes @brittanylynne8 and @jacksonmahomes are tired of hearing rumors and stories about them! Leave them alone!!” another user wrote.

With all due respect. @brittanylynne8 and @jacksonmahomes should clean up their act when attending games. Fans don’t do half the stuff they do. Respect the game. Root for your player/team. But respect the game and everyone in it,” another user wrote.

“Patrick can do better,he’s gotta learn from Russel Wilson and just move on , she only cares about social media and is using Mahomes success for her own good. The sports world knows for a fact that Brittany and Jackson are embarrassing Mahomes,” another user wrote.

Online trolls are always trashing @brittanylynne8. So, we are showing all love for her and the Mahomes family. @jacksonmahomes is my spirit animal,” another user wrote.


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