Chiefs’ Andy Reid Sounds Off on Eric Bieniemy Move: ‘I Was For It’

Andy Reid

Getty Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke at the 2023 NFL League Meeting.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has always been one of Eric Bieniemy’s staunchest of supporters. That did not change at the 2023 NFL League Meeting, as Big Red chatted with NBC Sports 4 Washington and reporter JP Finlay on March 27.

“So [Washington Commanders head coach] Ron [Rivera’s] a good friend,” Reid began. “Obviously, we were all together in Philadelphia. But Ron’s main focus is defense… he’s got that defensive background. This will give E.B. [Bieniemy] an opportunity to move in and run the whole show — get my name out of it and put his name on it. I think that that’s important right now, so I was for it. As much as I’m going to miss him, I was for it, because he deserves an opportunity.”

“Nobody works harder than E.B. does,” Reid added, “so he deserves that opportunity to become a head coach and I think this will allow people to see his personality, see how he handles the whole squad, calling plays, everything — the whole show. And I think that will help him for a head coaching spot.”

Chiefs’ Andy Reid Praises Eric Bieniemy as Coach, Friend

“I’m a big E.B. fan,” Reid voiced later in the interview, confirming something we all already knew. He went on in praising his former offensive coordinator — and player before that — showering him with compliments.

“He’s a hard worker, smart, very organized, demanding,” Reid detailed while discussing some of Bieniemy’s defining traits. “He’s going to make sure everybody’s doing their job, he’s not afraid of confrontation where somebody’s not pulling their weight — he’s going to make them pull their weight — and I think you’ll like what you’re getting there.”

Not long after, the Chiefs HC remembered another key strength, Bieniemy’s ability to motivate those around him. “Oh yeah, he’s positive,” Reid replied later. “So, during the tough times, when things aren’t going so good, he’s not going down in the dumps. He’s gonna kind of get everybody going — ‘hey, we’re right there, let’s go’ — he’s great that way.”

Although Big Red couldn’t decide on one favorite memory between him and Bieniemy, he did settle on the fact that the new Commanders OC is “a great person” above all else. “I’m very close to him,” he explained. “He was also one of my players.”

Chiefs Kingdom, NFL Fans React to Andy Reid’s Comments on Eric Bieniemy to Commanders

The NBC Sports video clip is up over 29K views already, and many reacted to Reid’s comments on social media.

“Nobody thought to ask him why EB’s path to becoming a HC is any different than his other OCs?” The Athletic’s Brandon Howard questioned.

A fan responded similarly, voicing: “It’s a shame because other OCs under him got HC jobs.”

“Straight, no chaser. Let’s go EB!!” Another commented, and a third fan stated: “Coach Reid is a great guy! Good luck Coach EB.”

Finally, Heavy on Chiefs own Devon Clements noted aptly: “Big Red basically confirmed what we all believed was the reason behind EB leaving the Chiefs. Being under Andy Reid has caused EB to not get the credit he deserves, and being the assistant HC/OC in Washington will help further build EB’s reputation.”

There will always be questions of racial disparity when breaking down Bieniemy’s resume in Kansas City, but now he’ll finally get the chance to prove himself in less-than-ideal circumstances. Reid said it best, it’s his show in Washington, and we’re all very excited to see what he does with it.

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