Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Called Out by Analyst for Claims of Bribery

Getty Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast “New Heights” went viral within Chiefs Kingdom in Week 3 in large part because of the Kansas City Chiefs’ All-Pro tight end.

Along with Travis giving his own reaction to being body slammed by Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James in Week 2, he also shared his thoughts on PFF — an analytics company that provides exclusive player and game data to the NFL, NCAA, and CFL, and also provides player grades for their subscribers.

“The thing is that these PFF graders are grading off of what they think the play should be,” Travis said in the episode that was released on September 21. “Whereas we might have a specific fundamental or we might have a specific call that takes us into something else and the play doesn’t work… The graders don’t necessarily know the objective of the play and the fundamentals that we’re being taught.”

But it was what Travis said shortly after these remarks that caused a stir on the internet.

“I also think that there [are] agents out here paying guys to get higher grades than others — I won’t name any names,” he said.

Jason went on to question the validity of Travis’ claim, for which Travis repeatedly backed.

“It’s happening Jason,” Travis concluded. “It’s happening.”

PFF Leads Analyst Claps Back at Kelce

Once the clip of Travis’ claim went viral on Twitter, lead NFL analyst for PFF, Sam Monson, caught wind of the controversial take and had something to say about it.

“PFF taking money from agents to change grades is like flat-earther conspiracy theory bs. Just doesn’t happen,” Monson wrote on Twitter on September 22. “Agents pay PFF for information packets on their players to help them better negotiate with teams or to help their players in whatever area of deficiency etc.

“All 32 teams pay substantial amounts for the info & grades, PFF isn’t going to jeopardize that to inflate random grades for a random agent that wants his guy to look better, as Jason Kelce points out.”

Twitter Reacts to Monson Bashing Kelce

Twitter users reacted to Monson clapping back at Travis Kelce.

“Would be a good cop out for you for rating mahomes 9th in week 1. I think you’re better off going with this theory than going with that’s what you actually graded. Just a thought,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I’ve been paying you guys for a year now and I have yet to get a positive grade. I can’t even get a grade for gods sake,” another user wrote.

“Has an agent ever offered payment to PFF to grade a player favorably in a year leading up to contract negotiations? I think that’s a valid question, that’ll be no regardless,” Arrowhead Live wrote. “I’m critical of PFF, but I’ve also been an elite subscriber for as long as it’s been public for a reason.”

“Maybe look at such examples such as (Steelers QB Mitchell Trubisky) last night getting an 80.3 grade but yet Mahomes in Week 1 in (Arizona) was in the low 70’s this (puts into question) the credibility and actuality of these grades. It’s a legit point. You’re taking a lot of heat for a reason,” another user wrote.

“Perfect opportunity to invite him out to the PFF compound to give him a tutorial about your process,” another user wrote.

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