Raiders Legend Charles Woodson Sends Message on Antonio Brown

antonio brown

Getty Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown.

Though the Las Vegas Raiders have moved past the Antonio Brown saga of 2019, the fan base hasn’t forgiven him for what he did. Whenever the wide receiver finds himself in trouble, the memories of his brief stint in Oakland come back. Considering he’s involved in a new controversy often, it’s hard for Raiders fans to forget about him.

Brown’s latest controversy may be the last that happens while he’s a member of a football team. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released him after he had a meltdown in the middle of their matchup against the New York Jets on Sunday. He was seen ripping off his shoulder pads, throwing his shirt and gloves in the stand and then sprinting to the locker room. Needless to say, there’s likely no coming back from that.

Though he wasn’t on the team at the time, Raiders legend Charles Woodson is very familiar with Brown’s antics He had a blunt message regarding the whole controversy.

What Woodson is likely referring to was one of the time’s where Brown made it clear he didn’t need football. In fact, he even announced his retirement from the NFL on a number of occasions. As Woodson noted, the wide receiver has made it clear that he doesn’t need football and it’s abundantly clear he still thinks that based on how he acted during the Jets game.

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Is Brown Truly Done?

Had Brown pulled this latest stunt five years ago, it would’ve been possible that he could rehabilitate his career. He’s just too talented to count out a team taking a chance on him. However, he’s 33-years-old now and should be reaching the end of his athletic prime soon.

This is most likely the end of Brown’s career as a football player. While it’s looked like the end before, this latest move seems to be the final nail in the coffin. It’s one thing to have issues behind the scenes or in your personal life but it’s almost impossible to come back from quitting on your team in the middle of a game and making a huge scene while you leave the field. There isn’t a player in the world talented enough to overcome what he did at age 33.

Things Could’ve Been a Lot Worse for Raiders

The Raiders can’t be happy about giving up draft picks for Brown only to never have him play a single snap with the team but it was better to move on from him early. It’s clear now that there was no way they’d be able to keep him under control. If Tom Brady and a Super Bowl-winning Buccaneers team can’t, nobody can.

Luckily for the Raiders, they moved on from him before he played and before they had to pay him significant money. It could’ve been a lot harder to move on from his contract had they kept him around. He was supposed to be the cornerstone for the team on offense and could’ve done great things with them. Instead, he’s gone on to sabotage his career and his legacy.

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