Ex-Raiders Pro Bowler Arrested in South Florida: Report

barret robbins

Getty Former Raiders center Barret Robbins.

According to a report from South Florida radio host Andy Slater, former Raiders Pro Bowl center Barret Robbins has been arrested in South Florida. Details of the arrest haven’t been released yet but Slater did note that this is the third time he’s been arrested in the past month.

This is far from the first time that Robbins has been arrested. He was arrested in 2018 on charges of cocaine and drug paraphernalia possession, per the Miami Herald. Robbins is 47 years old and last played in the NFL in 2003.

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Robbins Is Notable for ‘Disappearing’ Before Super Bowl XXXVII

Robbins will always be most notable for disappearing before the Raiders Super Bowl matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002. According to Monte Poole of NBC Sports, Robbins was diagnosed with depression while he was in college. On the morning of the Super Bowl, he went into a car with people he only vaguely knew and that was it. He didn’t show up to any of the pregame meetings with his team. When he finally did show up shortly before the game, he was intoxicated and ruled out.

The Raiders ended up losing the game and Robbins only lasted one more season with the team and was cut after testing positive for steroids. No team gave him a chance after his stint in Oakland.

Robbins Addressed Incident in 2011

Robbins didn’t stay out of trouble for very long. He was shot, charged with attempted murder and has spent time in jail. Poole recently did a deep dive on the incident that led to Robbins’ downfall:

“I was aware of all that, but I wasn’t,” Robbins recalls in a 2011 interview with NBC Sports Bay Area broadcaster Greg Papa, who also was the radio voice of the Raiders. “I wasn’t able to do the right things to get … you know … I don’t know. I just made some bad decisions, obviously.”

Robbins concedes that he’s unable to recount where he went, when he went, or even with whom he shared company. The one detail was clear even eight years later is that he spent the day drinking.

The first member of the team’s traveling party to run into B-Robb was ex-Raider Calvin Branch, who put him in a cab back to the La Jolla Hyatt. When Robbins returned to the hotel Saturday evening – after an absence of roughly 14 hours – he was incoherent, didn’t know where he was and even mumbled something about the Raiders having already won the Super Bowl.

“He had told me he was excited about that we had won the game,” Allen recalls. “And he asked to catch a plane for the Pro Bowl (in Honolulu) the next morning.

“We left the doctor (the late team doctor Robert Albo) with him, and (Albo) was concerned. And the doc was right, because Barret later told me everything he had drank and done. And I was like, ‘Oh my goodness.’”

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