Denzel Perryman’s Ear-Shattering Scream Goes Viral: ‘Wasn’t Expecting This’

denzel perryman

Getty Las Vegas Raiders LB Denzel Perryman.

The Las Vegas Raiders wrapped up mandatory minicamps early this offseason, which is a good sign that things are going well. Prior to the roster going off and enjoying their offseason before the start of training camp, they had to do a photo shoot. Pro Bowl linebacker Denzel Perryman decided to put together the most notable performance during photo shoots.

While he was posing for a photo, Perryman unleashed a screech with as much force as he could possibly muster. The Raiders released a clip of the scene and it quickly got popular online.

Perryman is certainly an interesting character. He’s been seen wearing unique visors on his helmet during practices and always has a beanie on his head despite playing in Las Vegas, which is one of the hottest cities in the country. Regardless, he’s clearly having a good time with the Raiders and is becoming one of the team’s most popular players.

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Raiders LB Coach Says Perryman Has ‘Swag’

Had the Raiders not dealt with an injury to Nicholas Morrow in training camp last season, Perryman likely wouldn’t have been traded to the team. He was brought in just a couple of weeks before the 2021 season but immediately became one of their most important players. He finished sixth in the NFL with 154 combined tackles despite missing two games.

Now that he has a year with the team under his belt, he’s starting to become a leader for the defense. New linebackers coach Antonio Pierce knows a thing or two about being a successful linebacker in the NFL. He played nine seasons in the league and even made a Pro Bowl. Though he’s only had the chance to coach Perryman for a short time, he’s taken note of how much leadership he’s shown early on.

“It kind of threw me off,” Pierce said. “He’s got swag. He’s from Miami, right? He is a proud Hurricane. He brings not only swag, but attitude and leadership. When he talks, the room got a little quieter.”

Pierce Discusses Importance of Perryman’s Role

The Raiders hired a new defensive coordinator in Patrick Graham this offseason so any returning player’s role isn’t exactly clear. With mandatory minicamps finished up, it’s safe to say that Perryman is keeping his job as the middle linebacker. In fact, it sounds like he’ll be one of the most important players on defense, according to Pierce.

“You gotta be able to talk and have your eyes open,” Pierce said. “You are in charge of a lot as a middle linebacker, or as a linebacker in general on this defense. The ’backers overall have really taken on that ownership of the team, getting guys lined up and fixing it when it is fixed up.”

Perryman had a breakout year last season so expectations will be much higher. If he can improve in his pass coverage, he’ll be one of the better linebackers in the NFL and make a few more Pro Bowls before he’s done.

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