Raiders Predicted to Trade Derek Carr to Replace QB on Playoff Team

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

The Las Vegas Raiders have a tough task this offseason when it comes to trading Derek Carr. The no-trade clause and guarantees that kick in on his contract on February 15 will make things quite complicated. Carr has little incentive to help the team out as he was unceremoniously benched after spending nine years as the starter.

He could tell the Raiders to either keep or cut him. Getting cut would allow Carr to choose his next destination with a bit more freedom. However, he could potentially leave a lot of money on the table if he finds that teams aren’t as excited to sign him as he may have thought. There will be no shortage of teams looking for quarterbacks this offseason. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be one of them with Tom Brady likely leaving in the offseason.

Bleacher Report’s Maurice Moton is predicting that Carr lands with the Buccaneers and explains why it would be an appealing situation for the quarterback:

On NFL Network, David Carr said that his younger brother wants to play for a team that has a “stable situation between their head coach and their ownership.” Remember, Carr has a no-trade clause.

If that’s what Carr wants, he should consider the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They’ve had general manager Jason Licht in place for nine years. Before Todd Bowles accepted the head-coaching position this past season, he served as the team’s defensive coordinator for three terms. With the Buccaneers in the playoffs, Licht and Bowles could remain with the club regardless of Brady’s plans.

What Raiders Could Get in a Bucs Trade

Many teams might not feel like they need to trade for Carr. He didn’t have a great season and could end up getting cut. However, if he becomes a free agent, there will be several teams vying for his services. Working out a trade would ensure that Tampa Bay doesn’t have to compete in free agency. Moton explained what a trade between the Buccaneers and Raiders could look like:

In the event that Brady walks away in free agency or if the Buccaneers prefer to move on with a younger quarterback, they can send an offer that includes a second-round pick (or a first-rounder if desperate) to acquire Carr, who would become the best projected starting quarterback in the NFC South for the 2023 season.

Raiders Gotta Take What They Can Get

Any dreams of getting more than a first-round pick for Carr are dead. The Raiders just don’t have very much leverage here. The only way that changes is if the quarterback agrees to extend the deadline on his guarantees. There’s no reason to believe he’ll help the Raiders out after the way they benched him.

At this point, the team would be lucky to get anything for the quarterback. If his next team isn’t willing to pay him $40 million a year in free agency, why would they be willing to trade a first-round pick to take on that much money anyway? The Raiders will try to do everything they can to trade the quarterback but they may have set themselves up for failure with the contract they gave Carr last offseason.

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