Raiders’ Derek Carr Sounds off on Dunking Ability

derek carr

Getty Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders were as close as possible to dropping back down to .500 against the Los Angeles Chargers but for once, the defense was able to hold up and bail the offense out. While the defense saved the game, Derek Carr is the one who put them in a position to win. The quarterback had a lackluster first half that ended in a turnover that cost them the lead as the half ended.

Carr switched gears in the second half and made some of his most impressive plays of the season. Perhaps the most notable play of the game came on a 3rd-and-10 when the quarterback decided to show off his jumping ability to leap for the first down.

Carr has always been an athletic player but has rarely shown it off during games. A reporter asked him if he could dunk and Carr wasn’t happy that it was even a question.

“Can I dunk?” Carr asked. “The fact that’s a question is kind of offensive to me. Ask Khalil Mack. I can do it straight off the ground, no running start, I can go up there and dunk the ball. You give me a running start, I tell my guys every time we play basketball, just throw it up by the rim. I’ll find it.”

Carr even posted a video of him dunking.

Carr is 6’3 and a professional athlete so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he can dunk.

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Maxx Crosby Reveals Why Carr Is Having Success

Regardless of his dunking ability, Carr is proving a lot of people wrong about his passing ability this year. After being accused of never wanting to throw the deep ball, the quarterback has been hitting impressive deep shots all season. Defensive end Maxx Crosby believes he knows why Carr is playing at a higher level this year.

“Derek is not thinking, he’s just playing and being himself,” Crosby said. “He is not worried (about) what everybody is saying. And you can see it every down. He’s not afraid to run the ball and put his head down, or take his shot. He’s been so impressive, and we’re only halfway through the season. We’re just getting started.

“I love Derek. He’s getting better every day.”

Carr has been honest about the fact that he’s had trouble tuning out the noise in the past. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. He’s playing with more tenacity and confidence than he ever has.

Carr Calls Team ‘a Fun Group’

Part of what has made Carr so successful this year is that he’s got the best talent around him since 2016. He’s got a great offensive line that’s proven to have a lot of depth and Nelson Agholor has been a revelation. Carr loves the group of guys he gets to play with.

“This is a fun group,” Carr said. “We can win in a lot of different ways. I am really proud of the guys that have stepped up and of our coaching staff that has gotten those guys ready.”

The Raiders are playing better than they have in years and a playoff berth seems likely. They just can’t take their foot off the gas as the schedule eases up.

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