Raiders QB Derek Carr Reacts to Embarrassing Viral Video

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have fallen on hard times. The team had a brief stint of success from 2013 to 2015 when they made the playoffs for three straight seasons. That feels like a distant memory as the Pirates are on pace to have their worst winning percentage since 1952.

Not only is the team bad, but they are also starting to embarrass themselves. On Thursday against the Chicago Cubs, the Pirates put together one of the worst displays of defense possible. It’s difficult to explain how chaotic the play was so just watch the clip below.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was one of the notable athletes to take note of the play. He couldn’t help but laugh at the Pirates’ folly.

It’s going to be a tough 24 hours for Pittsburgh as this clip continues to circulate. It’s hard to imagine ownership will be very happy when watching the play.

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Raiders Putting in Work This Offseason

Speaking of teams that have struggled to make the playoffs in recent years, the Raiders have one playoff appearance since 2002. This year is going to be pivotal for the franchise. Despite the team previously saying that they wouldn’t participate in OTAs, that didn’t end up being the case.

Almost the entire roster showed up to OTAs to start putting in work. Richie Incognito revealed why the players changed their minds.

“The offseason kind of started with the NFLPA and their agenda,” Incognito said Wednesday. “And we released a statement, but a couple days later we came together and we were like, ‘Listen, other teams are working. We’re at a competitive disadvantage if we’re not working. Let’s get our asses back there and get to work.’”

The Raiders have a young team and a new defensive coordinator. Skipping OTAs would’ve been the wrong move considering so many other teams are participating. Las Vegas needs all the practice they can get. If another season ends without a playoff berth, things are bound to get really heated for the Raiders.

Jon Gruden Believes Carr Is ‘Underestimated’

Derek Carr takes a lot of the blame for the Raiders’ recent losing but he’s far from the team’s biggest problem. He’s coming off of an excellent season and has only gotten better each year under Jon Gruden. There’s been a lot of talk about how Gruden and Carr don’t get along but that’s proving to be untrue. The coach is really excited about how his quarterback is playing.

“Derek is very underestimated,” Gruden told The Raiders Report recently. “He doesn’t get much credit for how good he’s playing, but he completes a lot of passes. He changes plays at the line of scrimmage. He’s starting to make more and more plays with his legs now.”

The Raiders need Carr to continue to improve if they hope to make the playoffs. The defense should be better but still not great. The team will live and die by the offense and the offense will live and die by Carr.

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