LeBron James Sends Strong Message to Anthony Davis

lebron james

Getty LeBron James with Anthony Davis.

LeBron James expected a different Anthony Davis after the Los Angeles Lakers loss to the Phoenix Suns in Game 1, and the big man did not disappoint his fellow superstar teammate. After the Lakers bounce-back performance in Game 2, James was asked what he has learned about playing with Davis.

“Give him the ball early, often and always,” James said in his postgame press conference. “It’s that simple. He responds to games like Game 1. He’s not a guy who talks about it, he’s about it and he goes out and [does] it. Give him the ball early, often and always.”

Davis noted he had minimal conversations with James or his other teammates after the team’s disappointing first outing in the series. James confirmed that he felt that Davis did not need to hear from him heading into Game 2.

“For the last two days, [I’ve had] very limited communication with A.D, because I’ve seen his demeanor,” James added.

LeBron on His Playoff Experience: ‘I Have the Blueprint & I Just Give It All to A.D.’

Both James and Davis indicated that there was a time when the Lakers stars had more extensive conversations about the postseason. James explained that he has the “blueprint” on playoff basketball that he has tried to pass on to Davis.

“I’ve been in so many battles, so many postseasons ups, downs, even, whatever the case may be,” James explained. “The experience that I have, I just give it to him [Davis]. No matter if you have a bad game here, or a couple bad games here. You just stay even keel, you just stay even keel. You keep a level head, you worry about the next moment, the next opportunity that you get to be great and you seize that opportunity. When I was young, I would let it linger way too much after one game in the postseason or two games. As you get older, as you get more games, as you get more experience, as you get into the foxhole in battles and battles and battles, you kind of know what to expect. So, I have the blueprint and I just give it all to A.D.”

A.D. Was ‘Pissed Off’ After His Game 1 Performance vs. Suns

Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes described Davis’ as “pissed off” after his Game 1 outing. So much so that Davis was the last player to leave the Lakers’ practice as the big man continued to work on his game, requiring his own bus to get back to the hotel well after his teammates.

“Following practice, the team headed for the busses but Davis remained on the court getting work in,” Haynes detailed. “Players yelled out ‘last bus,’ which is a customary call around the league from players alerting teammates that’s it’s time to go and you could possibly get left behind. Sources said Davis replied, ‘I’m not leaving until I get this s— right.’ And he continued shooting. …The Lakers were then forced to carry the team back to their hotel on three busses, leaving an entire bus for Davis and a few Lakers staff members, sources said. He worked out for an extra hour after practice before calling it a day.”

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