Lakers’ LeBron James Sends Eye-Opening Message on Russell Westbrook

lebron james russell westbrook

Getty LeBron James & Russell Westbrook of the Los Angeles Lakers.

After months of trade rumors, the Los Angeles Lakers finally made a trade by acquiring Patrick Beverley from the Utah Jazz for Talen Horton-Tucker and Stanley Johnson. The veteran guard had been linked to the team previously but it was a surprise to see the team make a trade that didn’t involve Russell Westbrook. Also, there’s the fact that Westbrook and Beverley have a long history of distaste for each other.

This trade certainly won’t increase the chances the Lakers actually keep the former MVP. However, it can’t be ruled out entirely. Los Angeles is struggling to find a trade they like for Westbrook and perhaps they see keeping him as the best option. A recent tweet from LeBron James will only add to the idea that Westbrook is staying put.

Responding to a tweet about how the Westbrook disrespect is getting out of control, LeBron said that he can’t “wait for him to go off this season!”

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Does LeBron Truly Think Westbrook Will Be a Laker?

The timing of this tweet from LeBron is certainly interesting. It’s no secret he wanted the Lakers to trade for Kyrie Irving. That only could’ve happened if they sent out Westbrook. With Irving no longer an option, LeBron is likely trying to do some damage control in the event that the guard does start the season on the team.

That said, there are still things happening behind the scenes. The most popular trade that’s been talked about has been a deal surrounding Myles Turner and Buddy Hield of the Indiana Pacers. It appears that Indiana would take Westbrook if the Lakers are willing to give up their 2027 and 2029 first-round picks. The deal for Beverley shouldn’t have much of an effect on that deal. LeBron is likely hoping that Westbrook still gets dealt but it’s smart for him to try and salvage the situation in case he doesn’t get moved.

Will Westbrook Be a Laker to Start the Season?

There will be a lot of talk about how Westbrook and Beverley don’t like each other but that shouldn’t be an issue. They’re grown men who can work out their issues. They’re both known as intense trash talkers and sometimes trash talk can get out of control. Either way, they’ll have to get over whatever animosity there is between the two of them.

It could also be a non-issue if the Lakers move on from Westbrook but that might not happen until closer to the deadline. The Pacers could hold firm in wanting the two first-round picks from Los Angeles but they might soften their stance as the trade deadline approaches. Less than half of a season of Westbrook to open up $47 million of cap space should be appealing to a number of teams. The Lakers know this and aren’t likely to make a trade they don’t like yet. Don’t be surprised if Westbrook is a Laker when the season starts.

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