Lakers’ LeBron James Surprises Teammates With Bronny James News

Bronny James (left) and LeBron James

Getty Bronny James (left) and LeBron James

The news seemed to surprise Anthony Davis, who was sitting next to LeBron James in the Lakers locker during James’ media session after the loss to Oklahoma City on Thursday. James was talking about the medical clearance given to his son, Bronny James, to play at USC just months after a cardiac incident appeared to threaten his future career. And LeBron James dropped this little bombshell on his teammates: When Bronny James does make his debut, he is skipping the Lakers game to be there.

If, that is, there is a conflict in the NBA scheduling.

Upon hearing that, Davis, chimed in with, “Huh?”

To which LeBron James said, “I told y’all on the plane.”

When his teammates around the locker room could be heard groaning in the background, James smiled and said, “Family over everything champs, I love y’all. But I’ve gotta see Bronny’s first college game whenever he’s clear and ready to go.”

Bronny James Given Medical Clearance Thursday

It was on Thursday that news was released saying Bronny James had been given full medical clearance to return to basketball activities after suffering a cardiac arrest in July while working out at the Galen Center on USC’s campus. He is slated to make his debut, “soon,” but Trojans coach Andy Enfield said, “What soon means, I don’t know.”

No matter when it happens, it marks a notable turnaround for Bronny James. LeBron James acknowledged that it has been a stressful few months since the diagnosis of Bronny, who has a congenital heart defect that can be repaired, it was found.

As much as a basketball star as he might be himself, of course, LeBron James has also been a visible supporter of his son’s budding career, often showing up at his high school games while Bronny was playing a Sierra Canyon High.

“You just put it in God’s hands, man, and just trust it,” LeBron James said on Thursday. “That’s it. We prayed as a family. We had great doctors along the way the whole time, telling us they believe things will work out for us, in our favor. And Bronny took care of his business. He did everything. Didn’t try to rush the process of his rehab. He took every step according to plan. For him to get that clearance over the last 48 hours was big-time for him.”

LeBron James: ‘Big-Time Excitement for Our Family’

And yes, that might mean that the Lakers go without LeBron James for a game, if it means a chance to see his son do something LeBron never actually did himself—take the floor in an NCAA game. The elder James skipped college and went directly into the NBA back in 2003, when league rules allowed for that move.

It should be quite a milestone for Bronny James’ dad.

“Proud moment,” James said. “Big-time excitement for our family, for Bronny, and now for USC as well. It’s something that he has been working for for the last 12 weeks and for him to get the clearance for him to do what he loves to do, go back to being with his teammates and putting on a uniform and things of that nature, it’s very gratifying for sure.”

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