Bobby Wagner Details How Rams Will Counter Size Disadvantage

Bobby Wagner

Getty Bobby Wagner will search for his first victory as a Ram on September 18, 2022.

It appears that the Los Angeles Rams will be dealing with different kinds of skyscrapers in a city with 26 towering elements.

These towers aren’t the ones that Ram players will pass by regardless if they’re driving through Downtown L.A., on Interstate 405 or anywhere else that has more than 650 feet in their frame.

The skyscrapers are in human form — and present a more taller challenge for the Rams on Sunday, September 18 compared to their season opener.

The Atlanta Falcons will bring height in tow to the “Rams House” — serving as their own versions of the U.S. Bank Tower and Wilshire Grand Center. The Falcons will feature three options with “short” not applying to each of them.

Prized 2021 rookie Kyle Pitts? He stands at 6-foot-6. Top rookie and local star Drake London out of Moorpark? He’s 6-foot-4. Even Swiss Army-knife wideout Cordarelle Patterson brings height and length at 6-foot-2.

None of them are anywhere close to the 6-foot frame Stefon Diggs brought or the 5-foot-9 Jamison Crowder or even 5-foot-8 Isaiah McKenzie. Bobby Wagner, however, revealed the idea he and the Rams have in mind to counter the size.

“They’re pretty tall, but we do push ups,” Wagner said smiling to the L.A. media on Wednesday, September 14, before moving his arms in front of him. “So, I think that’s how we combat it that way.”

Wagner Details Offensive Philosophy With Size

Will the Falcons present a similar high-powered and physical offense the Buffalo Bills brought to Inglewood?

Atlanta has offensive guru Arthur Smith as head coach. And in the past, he’s fed the ball to Derrick Henry. Wagner, though, isn’t expecting a predictable offense.

“They run an interesting style of offense,” Wagner said. “They have pretty much every running style in each of their personnel’s.”

How does Wagner and the Rams plan to counter it?

“So you’ve got to be conscious of the personnel’s. You’ve got receivers who do really, really well, they’ve got running backs and they got moving all across the board. But I think the biggest thing is paying attention to that read option, the RPOs, things of that nature that they’re going to bring,” Wagner explained. “Everybody needs to be conscious and focused of that because you know if you pay too much attention on the run, that’s when they throw the ball and when you pay too much attention to the pass, the run sneaks into you. You just got to be locked in on your job and pay attention to your assignments each and every play. This is a game where you’ve got to be disciplined.”

Atlanta racked up 416 total yards despite the 27-26 opening loss to the New Orleans Saints. So the Rams won’t be the only ones aiming to bounce back from a Week 1 letdown.

Wagner Shares Why Rams are ‘Eager’

The Rams have been criticized and ridiculed by fans and analysts after their defeat against the Bills. Wagner, though, sees an eager bunch following that 21-point defeat.

“I think we’re eager to get back out there,” Wagner said. “Obviously, the first game didn’t go the way we wanted and I think a lot of the stuff they did was good. But there were stuff that we could’ve cleaned up and do a lot better. So we’re excited to get out there and have the opportunity to show why we feel very confident about this team.”

Again, towers will be on display inside SoFi. Wagner has an idea of how the Rams can counter the height.

“I think we just [need to] play stickier coverage and I think we’ve got to do our job. Some of us have got to make plays, that’s just how it is. It really comes down to players making plays and we will,” Wagner said.

Yes, there was disappointment in the locker room on the Rams’ side. But this Week 2 game serves as a prime opportunity for Wagner and company to respond.

“At the end of the day, we’re professionals. The game didn’t go the way that we didn’t want it to go. So as professionals, we look at that game and we move on. The testament of the team is how you respond. So, I plan on to have us respond,” Wagner said.

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