Jalen Ramsey Among NFL DBs in Disbelief Over Analyst’s On-Air Blunder

Mookie Betts Jalen Ramsey

Getty Mookie Betts of the Los Angeles Dodgers walks out of the baseball field with Jalen Ramsey of the Rams before an October 2 MLB game at Dodgers Stadium.

Jalen Ramsey once said during Los Angeles Rams training camp that he’s trying to keep himself quiet on social media and avoid allowing it to distract him.

Well, Ramsey is still aware of what others are posting regardless if his name is attached to it or if it involves something that humors the All-Pro cornerback. And on Tuesday, October 19, Ramsey found a clip of something that prompted the crying laughing emoji’s from him — plus him being in disbelief over one notable national analyst and commentator.

And it was all because of this play: When the Buffalo Bills couldn’t punch it in from 1-yard out on 4th and 1 against the Tennessee Titans, which propelled the home team to edge the Bills 34-31:

What Prompted Ramsey’s Response

During the Tuesday morning airing of “First Things First” on Fox Sports 1, Chris Broussard tried to dive into the reasoning why the Bills were unsuccessful in getting the first down. Broussard’s reasoning? The Bills were without a lineman who isn’t even on the Buffalo roster.

“It got blown up on the left side because of the pressure of Tennessee,” said Broussard during the show. “I wonder why. Could it be because Buffalo’s Pro Bowl left tackle, Taylor Lewan, was injured? If he’s there, maybe that doesn’t happen, but he’s out. So you got a second stringer that Josh Allen is trying to go behind and he got destroyed.”

Fact check: Lewan plays for the other team.

Ramsey heard the clip, saw it…and gave it this reaction:

And the Ram wasn’t alone in the online jokes.

The Arizona Cardinals’ Budda Baker, despite being NFC West rivals with the Rams and Ramsey, gave it this response:

Meanwhile J.R. Reed, who teamed with Ramsey during the month of August with the Rams before being waived, also joined Ramsey in posting the same emoji’s.

Broussard did correct himself afterwards and laughed off his TV error.

But for Broussard, it adds to his list of TV blunders. He once “confirmed” that LeBron James is heading to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014 — after James himself wrote a first-person story to Sports Illustrated announcing his return to the city. He also incorrectly reported that Kawhi Leonard was heading to the Los Angeles Lakers, when Leonard wound up on the Clippers.

So Broussard was the brunt of jokes, even at the expense of Ramsey. But one other national analyst wasn’t.

Ramsey Praises ‘Baldy’

Lucky for Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network, he wasn’t the recipient of online ridicule from Ramsey. Rather…online praise.

“Baldy” released his latest “Baldy’s Breakdowns” on Monday evening which featured one routine play that still impressed the longtime analyst and former NFL lineman. Baldinger showed a 1:09 clip of the veteran CB blowing up a screen play. But the importance that “Baldy” points out? Had Ramsey been blocked on this particular play, the Giants would’ve eaten a lot of yards or potentially score on the simple screen. Ramsey read it and worked around the oncoming blocker.

Ramsey responded by saying “making great plays look routine and having fun…all glory to God,” before saluting “Baldy” for spending time studying the game of football.

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