Jared Goff Shares True Feelings About Watching Rams’ Super Bowl Win

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff scrambles in front of Leonard Floyd of the Rams during their October 24, 2021 meeting.

As the Los Angeles Rams danced in confetti rain, snapped photos of their celebrations and partied down toward the L.A. Memorial Coliseum with the Vince Lombardi Trophy in tow, many began to focus on how former franchise quarterback Jared Goff was feeling.

After all, it’s well established by the NFL world that moving away from Goff and luring in Matthew Stafford helped key the Rams’ Super Bowl run. Yet again, many wondered what was going on inside’s Goff’s head — and if he was seething from not being the QB to take the Rams to championship glory.

Well, in recent weeks, Goff’s reaction to the Rams’ title has come to light…from the text message Sean McVay shared to Mike Silver to Goff himself revealing to Peter King of NBC Sports during the Monday, July 18 edition of Football Morning in America if he has any bitterness toward watching the guys he once shared the locker room with parading around with the Super Bowl title.

Goff’s Feeling?

Goff has zero ill will toward the first NFL franchise he ever played for.

“No bitterness,” Goff told King. “I guess that’s the way people would expect me to feel.”

Is he happy for the guys he once threw that ball to and shared the Rams’ horns with?

“Happy for my former teammates and coaches,” Goff said. “But as a competitor, of course, I want to win one too.”

While the Rams put together a season to remember for their fans, Goff and the Lions had a rather forgettable 3-13-1 regular season — which marked the fewest regular season wins he experienced in his six seasons in the league. Goff also witnessed a digression in his passing touchdowns to 19 in the Motor City after throwing for 20 in his last season with L.A.

‘We Have a Plan’

Goff is in the reverse of what his former team is in: A rebuilding effort.

The Lions are entering their second season under the Dan Campbell regime. The team has drafted in the top 10 in Campbell’s first two seasons — including taking prized defensive end Aidan Hutchinson at No. 2 overall in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Yet despite the dismal season, the constant ridicule from media members plus the jokes from fans representing the Lions’ division the NFC North, Goff believes that he and the Lions are moving in a positive direction.

“People outside the building can’t see it, obviously. But we have a plan, and we’re all-in,” Goff told King. “People see some of what Dan says, and that’s great. But I can tell you — Dan knows what the hell he’s talking about, and he’s got the respect of that [locker] room.”

Campbell himself is a believer in the Lions’ rebuild and with the Ex-Ram as his QB1.

“I think Goff’s in a real good place,” Campbell told King. “Finished strong last year. I like the fact that we’ve got pieces around him that I think are going to help pull the most out of him. We’ve got some pieces here that complement each other that really will help him be the best that he can be.”

Campbell also shared how inaccurate is not the word to use to describe Goff.

“Listen, he’s an accurate quarterback. That’s what he does well,” Campbell said. “He can throw the football and he can put it right on the money.”

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