Rams’ Sean McVay Clears the Air About Retirement Chatter

Sean McVay

Getty Sean McVay talks to the media before Super Bowl 56.

Did Sean McVay really give a thought about hitting retirement before the age of 40?

Was there any feeling inside his brain that Super Bowl 56 would be his last game as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams? And it would be off to the broadcast booth?

McVay is returning for his sixth season leading the coaching reins inside the “Rams House.” But on the Thursday, May 12 edition of the Rich Eisen Show, the 36-year-old cleared the air about retirement talks with the longtime NFL Network personality.

McVay Jokes About Broadcast Salary, Then Reveals Answer

McVay first answered Eisen’s question by bringing up the hefty contract that awaits seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady when his career finally ends.

“Well, it’s like after watching Tom Brady’s potential new deal, I’m like ‘What the hell am I doing coming back to coaching right now?!'” McVay jokingly asked Eisen.

But then came the more definitive answer on if he ever considered leaving coaching after the 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

“It was never anything. Let’s put it this way: I love coaching so much. I think that it (the retirement chatter) was a fun narrative,” McVay told Eisen. “But if you look at the entirety of what I had said: The question was asked if I was going to be a lifer in coaching. And then I elaborated on ‘I don’t know that I see myself doing this until I’m 70 or so.’ Because I feel like I’m 36 going on 80 some days. I sure love it. But how long I’ll do it? I don’t know.”

What Helped Convince Him to Continue?

Per Andrew Marchand of the New York Post back on February 25, McVay was offered $100 million to join the newest NFL broadcasting team at Amazon.

McVay turned it down to rejoin the Rams. What was his reasoning? Being around the Rams.

“I couldn’t be more excited about this season working with our players and coaches. I couldn’t be more happier coaching,” McVay said. “It’s not even a coaching grind. It’s at some point down the line, there’s other interests that you might potentially have. If I was to put a timeline on it, I’m nowhere close to not wanting to coach football. Are there times during the season when you get busy and you feel a little worn out? There is no doubt about it. But being around these players, these coaches every single day and getting out on the field with them during our offseason program, you are quickly reminded why you love it so much.”

McVay concludes he feels like a changed man over the duration of his coaching career.

“I can honestly say this, and the people who have been around me would agree with it and it’s not just because we were able to finish the season the way we wanted to, but prior to the playoff run and all those kind of things…I was more at peace, more still, more present than what I’ve been, more enjoyable and just having an appreciation for the journey probably more so than I had been in the last few years,” McVay said. “And I think it leads to being a little more fulfilled day in and day out and you realize you’re doing this for other people. That purpose gives you a passion that I think becomes a little more sustainable over time.”

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