22-Year-Old Miami Heat Target Demands Trade From Eastern Conference Rival

Knicks lose Cam Reddish for season

Getty RJ Barrett #9 and Cam Reddish #21 of the New York Knicks converse on the bench.

Earlier this summer the Miami Heat were linked to a surprising former lottery pick on the New York Knicks bench. Ian Begley, on an episode of Jake Fischer’s ‘Please Don’t Aggregate This‘ podcast, discussed the status of the Knicks roster after signing Jalen Brunson in free agency and that the Knicks could be fielding offers for their dynamic guard, and that the Heat are known to be interested and have called about Reddish in the past. 

“I would assume the Knicks are picking up the phone on calls that they get,” Begley shared. “I do know that Miami is among the teams that has spoken to the Knicks about Reddish specifically.” 

Since then, things with Reddish were largely quiet. The Heat and Knicks were both linked in the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes, and that may have prevented any escalation of trade talks. Now, Mitchell has been traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Knicks were unable to present an offer the Utah Jazz would take. Now, trade talks for Reddish may move to the forefront of the Knicks’ mind. Especially as it was recently shared that Reddish has requested a trade from the Mecca. 

Cam Reddish Requests a Trade from New York

Marc Berman from the New York Post recently revealed that Cam Reddish “wants a change of scenery,” after the Knicks have been unable to find a role for him. Reddish wants a larger role, which can be hard to get when the head coach for the Knicks who he was traded to was against the trade with the Atlanta Hawks. A source told Berman that the Knicks have never had an idea what they want to do with Reddish. 

“The Knicks didn’t have a plan for him,” the NBA source said. “They traded for him without one and still don’t have one. He would like a bigger opportunity somewhere,” Berman wrote

It remains clear that Reddish isn’t in any major Knicks plans moving forward, and that has the rumors stating he has requested to be dealt from the team somewhere he can have a bigger role. Reddish has denied the idea that he requested a trade in a reply to an Instagram post. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are said to be ‘looming’ on any potential deals that may come up for Reddish. 

“The Lakers have interest in the 6-foot-8 Reddish. With the Knicks not making a deal with the Jazz for Donovan Mitchell, they could do a separate deal with Los Angeles,” Berman wrote.


The Heat Have Interest in Reddish

The Heat have spoken to the Knicks in the past about Reddish, who averaged under 15 minutes per game in his time with the Knicks and only averaged 6 points per game in those appearances. However, prior to being dealt, Reddish averaged nearly 12 points per game with the Atlanta Hawks.

Reddish likely wouldn’t demand a large trade haul and brings a great offensive game to wherever he might land. If the Heat were able to deal for Reddish and get him cheap, it could be a really solid pickup for the team in South Beach. 

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