Heat Legend Dwyane Wade Could Deliver Heat Major Assist Amid Trade Talks

Dwyane Wade

Getty Dwyane Wade

The Miami Heat remain one of the top landing spots for 25-year-old superstar from the Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell. Previously, Utah had ‘no intent’ to trade their franchise player and continue to build around him. However, the door seems to be more open for Miami to facilitate a trade for Mitchell. On July 12, Adrian Wojnarowski added reports to the chance that Utah has started to open up to deals. 

“After previously shutting down inquiries on moving All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell, rival teams say the Utah Jazz are showing a willingness to listen on possible trade scenarios, sources tell ESPN,” Wojnarowski tweeted

Wade Comments on Mitchell Rumors

With the Heat linked in a potential Mitchell, a clip with Dwyane Wade responding to the question ““D-Wade, you gonna bring Donovan to Miami?” and Wade responded, “Yeah.” 

It’s important to note that Wade’s response did come rather quietly. Like a tired reply rather than something you would want to keep hush-hush. Wade was signing autographs for fans during NBA Summer League when the young fan posed the question. It is hard to tell how much attention he was paying to the question, but if Wade really is interested in helping Mitchell land in Miami, it would be both exciting and odd with Wade’s ownership stake in Mitchell’s Utah Jazz. 

Wade was brought into the new Jazz ownership group shortly after Qualitrics founder Ryan Smith purchased the team from the Miller family. Wade is frequently seen next to Smith at games in Utah and is excited to be building something in Utah. However, despite his ownership in the Jazz, Wade will always be a Heat-Lifer, and he knows more than anyone what playing for the Heat franchise could do for Mitchell’s career. 

Wade has been a valuable mentor to Utah’s three-time All-Star even prior to owning a stake in the team. Mitchell has drawn Wade comparisons since his impressive rookie season when the two had a similar playing style. Mitchell has an interest in the Heat, and perhaps Wade could be the one to help leverage a deal between the two clubs. 

What Would a Mitchell Trade Look Like? 

Trading Mitchell to Miami is an interesting deal for Utah if they don’t bring in a third team. The trade would likely be highlighted by Tyler Herro, who while he has impressive, doesn’t look to have the same impact that Mitchell does. Gabe Vincent or even Duncan Robinson are other names that would potentially be in the deal, but that is a lot of salary for a rebuilding team to take on. If the Heat include picks in the deal, that is something that obviously Danny Ainge is prioritizing in Utah. 

If the Heat are able to get a deal like that done they almost certainly become the winners in a deal like that. They would land a 25-year-old superstar that is very skilled at creating his own shot, really improved creating shots for others this season, and would fit nicely on a team led by Jimmy Butler. Mitchell would be a valuable piece for Butler as he continues to age and could be a superstar the Heat build around. It is definitely worth looking into, and if Wade’s familiarity with the Heat helps get a deal done, then so be it. It mends some of the hard feelings of seeing him own a piece of another team. 


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