Ex-Yankees Slugger Pleads for Mike Trout to Wear Pinstripes

Mike Trout

Getty Ex-Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier tells Mike Trout to play on the East Coast.

Could Mike Trout end up in pinstripes? Trout was recently a guest on “Foul Territory,” the show co-hosted by former New York Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier, who pleaded with the three-time MVP to play for an East Coast team before his career is over.

“Before you’re done I need you over at Yankee Stadium,” Frazier said on an April 19 episode of Foul Territory. “I know Philly would be nice for you because it’s right down the street. Either way I’ll take it. I just need you on the East Coast. That’s all. You don’t have to say a word, I’m just letting you know. Just put it in your brain in a couple years.”

Frazier, who played for the 2017 Yankees as part of his 11-year MLB career, didn’t stop there. “Just gotta say man, before your time is done I need you to be on the East Coast. At least two years for me. I need two years on the East Coast. Yankees would be great.”

“You’re the only person that’s ever told me that, you know that?” Trout said jokingly back to Frazier. Both are South Jersey natives, with Trout growing up in Millville, N.J, and Frazier in Toms River. Trout is currently building a golf course near his hometown in New Jersey.

Mike Trout Grew Up Idolizing Yankees Legend Derek Jeter

Trout has spoken repeatedly about how Yankee icon Derek Jeter was his favorite player growing up, and how he cherished playing with him at the 2014 All-Star Game.

Following in Jeter’s footsteps was “something — obviously not totally, but something in the back of my mind,” Trout said, per ESPN, in 2019 when he signed his 12-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels—referring to Jeter’s time wearing one uniform in loyalty to one team throughout his entire career as Trout has done thus far despite the Angels making the playoffs just once (in 2014) in his 14-year career.

MLB insider Jon Heyman previously wrote in a 2023 column for the New York Post that “folks believe the hometown Phillies and Yankees might be of interest” in the event Trout is ever traded from the Angels. The center fielder entered the 2024 season with seven years and nearly $250 million remaining on his contract that will pay him through his age-38 season.

Trout Feels Healthy, Leads MLB in Home Runs

Trout’s last near full season (134 games played) came in 2019 as he’s struggled with injuries in recent years and hasn’t looked like the perennial MVP-caliber player he once was. Through April, Trout leads all of MLB in home runs with 10 and his five stolen bases are already the most he’s swept in a season since 2019.

“I’ve always, for me personally, I know when I’m out there, I can put up numbers,” Trout said in an April 26 interview with The Athletic. “The biggest thing is just being consistent. If I’m in a good spot at the plate, and I’m healthy, I feel great, I can put up numbers against anybody.”

Trout’s .230 batting average and .325 on-base percentage are still low by his lofty career standards. The Angels are off to a 10-16 start to rank fourth in the American League West.

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