Phillies Predicted to Add $12 Million Silver Slugger in Blockbuster Trade Pitch

Kyle Tucker

Getty The Houston Astros may deal outfielder Kyle Tucker ahead of the 2024 deadline as the two-time All-Star is projected to hit free agency.

The Philadelphia Phillies project to be a playoff contender once again in 2024 and owner John Middleton has indicated that the team is saving some “powder” for a potential blockbuster acquisition toward the end of the season to boost those odds.

One such target could be Kyle Tucker, a right fielder who is playing on a one-year, $12 million deal with the Houston Astros for 2024. Writing for FanSided, Curt Bishop proposed a package that sends Tucker to the Phillies in exchange for three leading prospects.

“The proposed trade package would involve the Phillies sending prospects Justin Crawford, Mick Abel, and Aiden Miller back to Houston,” Bishop wrote. “The Phillies have the prospect capital to get a deal done for Tucker.”

Kyle Tucker Can Fill the Philadelphia Phillies’ Upcoming Needs in the Outfield

The prediction added that Tucker is likely to be dealt by the Astros as the team recently “broke the bank” on a $95 million deal for Josh Hader, not to mention a $125 million extension for Jose Altuve. If the team wants to extend another star into the future, that might be Alex Bregman, rather than Tucker.

And a fit with the Phillies is in play as they project to have some payroll flexibility to re-sign Tucker for 2025 and beyond.

“When Tucker hits free agency, so too will Kyle Schwarber and J.T. Realmuto,” Bishop noted. “With Bryce Harper now at first base, it’s very likely that the Phillies will pursue an outfield bat or two. This is where Tucker comes in.”

The Philadelphia Phillies Can Leverage Prospect Depth to Add Kyle Tucker

Entering his seventh big-league season, Tucker is one of the best right fielders in MLB, slashing .284/.369/.517 last season to go along with a career-high and AL-leading 112 RBI and a second consecutive All-Star nod. Tucker was a Silver Slugger last season and made the All-MLB second team (his third in a row), plus he has a Gold Glove from 2022.

Any team looking to strengthen its outfield will consider offering him a big contract after this season. And the Phillies have the kind of prospect depth it would take to get him on a rental before that, though it would cost them.

Crawford was their top-ranked non-pitching prospect for 2023, a speedy first-round pick who could be the future at center field. Abel was the team’s number-two overall prospect, behind only the highly-touted Andrew Painter, a right-handed pitcher who looked sharp with two strikeouts in one inning in Spring Training this year. And Miller was the Phillies’ top-ranked infielder, with a plus arm and plus power that was on display as he won the All-American Game home run derby in 2022.

Tucker has another arbitration year ahead of him for 2025 before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2026. As a result, any team that wants him would likely have to part with significant pieces if the Astros find themselves on the outside of the playoff race for 2024.

“If by some chance the Astros are out of contention at the trade deadline this season, a deal could come about a little bit quicker,” per Bishop. “And with two years of club control left, Houston could get an even bigger package.”

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