Erin Kinsey Celebrates Another ‘Pinch Me Moment’ at NASCAR Awards

Erin Kinsey

Getty Erin Kinsey performs the national anthem at Texas Motor Speedway.

County music singer-songwriter Erin Kinsey will make her TV debut with a special performance at the annual NASCAR Awards in Nashville. This will be another achievement in her career, as well as her latest “pinch me moment” of 2022.

Kinsey met with Heavy prior to her performance and provided some insight into her unique year that has featured performances across the country, her debut at the Grand Ole Opry, her first time attending a race at Texas Motor Speedway, and singing the national anthem for an Xfinity Series race. These moments were all unforgettable for the Texas native, but her role at the NASCAR Awards will just be something extra.

“Being on a televised night knowing that my parents are gonna get to watch me perform a song I wrote on TV for one of the biggest nights in NASCAR, from Texas, and they’re gonna be able to watch it. That’s insane,” Kinsey said. “It’s really hard to wrap my mind around all of it, but I’m just so thankful and grateful, and I just feel so blessed.

“It’s so cool. Nashville hosts that race through the city at one point in the year too. So honestly, it’s super cool, but again, there is this thing of country music and NASCAR. And I think it’s so cool that it’s going to be hosted in the city of country music. I mean, it’s at the Music City Center and it’s gonna be so much fun to just watch all those worlds collide because I think the fan bases are pretty similar.”

Kinsey Has a Song That Fits With NASCAR

Erin Kinsey

GettyErin Kinsey performs at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

How does one go about selecting a song for the NASCAR Awards? It could be difficult considering that Kinsey has multiple singles that have importance for different reasons. However, the process was made easier due to the release of “Just Drive.”

“The song I wrote that talks about driving very fast, enjoying being in the car with somebody you love, it’s really cool how it all ties together,” Kinsey added. “And there’s a line in the chorus where it says, ’90 down 40.’

“And that’s referring to 90 miles an hour down Highway 40, which is a highway I live off of here in Nashville. And typically, I feel like that’d be very frowned upon, but I feel like people at NASCAR understand that a little better.”

To Kinsey’s point, the performance of “Just Drive” will be in a fitting location. NASCAR fans and country music fans crossover quite frequently, and there is a love of stock car racing in Music City. Having her perform this song for a packed Music City Center only further strengthens this relationship.

This Performance Takes Some Extra Preparation

Kinsey is no stranger to performing in front of large audiences. She has traveled the country, performed at the Grand Ole Opry four times, and helped cap off a marathon in the heart of Nashville.

The NASCAR Awards will be another performance on this list, but there will be some extra preparation. Kinsey and the accompanying musicians will hold multiple rehearsals to ensure that they are as well-prepared as possible for this TV debut.

“We’ve all done a lot of shows,” Kinsey explained. “But this is just something so special. And it’s such an honor for something that I wrote, a song that means so much to me, to be a small part of such a big event. So me and the boys are getting together, we’re running through it again, and we’re gonna be ready to go.

“[The rehearsal] is not too much more technically, but I think nerves-wise, I know this is gonna be televised. I think you want to just be a little more rehearsed, it be a little more muscle memory. Because at least for me, I’m thinking about all the people that are gonna see this, and it’s just so cool. I want to be nothing but excited once I stepped on stage.”

The performance will take place on December 1 as NASCAR honors the winners of the national series, as well as its Most Popular Drivers. The televised version of the ceremony will air on Saturday, December 3, at 8 p.m. ET. Peacock will provide coverage for the event.

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