Joey Logano Responds After Kyle Busch’s ‘Two-Faced’ Comment

Joey Logano

Getty NASCAR driver Joey Logano.

Joe Gibbs Racing’s Kyle Busch turned heads on Monday, May 17, with his appearance on “I AM ATHLETE.” He called Team Penske’s Joey Logano “two-faced.” Now the driver of the No. 22 Ford Mustang has responded with a statement of his own.

The NASCAR driver responded to a tweet featuring a brief clip from the YouTube show, saying, “That’s cute.” The video primarily featured co-host Chad Johnson saying that Busch needs to be the villain, but this discussion is the one that led to the comments about Logano being “two-faced.”

Logano was well aware of the comments about him, and he used a direct response. He made sure to tag two of the hosts in his tweet while calling for a sitdown of his own to discuss the on-track rivalry. The former Bengals star in Johnson responded and told Logano that he loves him. Some Twitter users saw the back-and-forth and began asking if Logano will make an appearance on the popular YouTube show during the continued NASCAR crossover.

The ‘I AM ATHLETE’ Hosts Previously Tried to Set up a Sitdown

GettyKyle Busch (left) and Joey Logano (right) wave to NASCAR fans.

The 2018 Cup Series champion in Logano wants to provide his own side of the story, and he will likely have the opportunity. Marshall, Johnson, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder previously expressed interest in having Logano on the show to discuss a 2017 wreck at Las Vegas, as well as any issues between him and Busch.

Marshall made the strongest comments after Busch revealed that he still has issues with Logano four years after punching him in the face. The former NFL receiver said that the two drivers need to sit down on a podcast and hash some things out like Busch and Dale Earnhardt Jr. did on “The Dale Jr. Download.”

“Are you open to — the next time we come out to Charlotte — you and Joey sitting down with us and y’all talking it out and hashing it out?” Marshall asked during the episode of “I AM ATHLETE.” Busch said that there was no use having the conversation until after both drivers retired, but Marshall pressed on and said that they need to get Logano on the show.

While Marshall wanted the two NASCAR drivers to sit down, Johnson took a different approach. He said that the rivalry is actually good for the sport. He also talked about how sports need “villains” like Busch.

Busch Did Not Hold Back When Discussing Team Penske

GettyKyle Busch races Brad Keselowski in the All-Star Race.

The original comments from Busch focused on how Logano behaves at different times. The driver said that his rival is nice away from the race track and that he does great work for charity. However, Busch said that Logano flips “the a****** switch” when he puts his helmet on, resulting in wrecks on the race track.

Logano is not the only Team Penske driver that Busch mentioned during this discussion. He also explained that he and Brad Keselowski have “butted heads” throughout their careers and that they wreck each other on the track. Busch said that the two men don’t give each other respect or an inch while fighting for position in their respective cars.

The crossover between “I AM ATHLETE” and NASCAR will continue on Monday, May 24, with a new episode. The hosts have not revealed which racing figure will step into the guest chair, but the likely option is Toni Breidinger. The ARCA Menards driver is the only other person named in the original press release. If Logano joins the show, it likely will not be until later in the season.

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