Ryan Blaney Partners With Bodyarmor for Special Coca-Cola 600 Scheme [LOOK]

Ryan Blaney

Getty Ryan Blaney prepares for a race at COTA.

When Team Penske’s Ryan Blaney heads to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca-Cola 600, he will show off a special paint scheme. His primary sponsor for the race, Bodyarmor, is unveiling EDGE, a new drink with natural caffeine. Bodyarmor will use the Coca-Cola 600 to showcase the product while Blaney competes for his first win on the Charlotte Motor Speedway oval.

Blaney sat down with Heavy prior to the fan-favorite NASCAR race to discuss the new paint scheme, as well as the entire 2021 season. He explained that the 600-mile event is the best to unveil the new EDGE scheme considering that it is the most grueling race on the season schedule. He also expressed excitement about seeing the bright colors stand out from the pack.

Ryan Blaney Scheme

BodyarmorRyan Blaney’s Coca-Cola 600 scheme.

“We’re always working, you know, especially with Bodyarmor,” Blaney told Heavy. “They were great on wanting to do new things and new paint schemes and promoting their new products like Bodyarmor EDGE. … You’ll definitely want to see it on the track. It’s pretty bright and that’s what we like to do with Bodyarmor, make ourselves noticed, and I don’t think you’ll be able to miss it.

“I think bright cars are the best especially under the lights,” Blaney added. “And the 600, probably the second half of it ends under the lights. We like to make ourselves known, and I can’t wait for this car.”

Blaney Has Partnered With Bodyarmor for Multiple Unique Schemes

Ryan Blaney Kobe Bryant

GettyRyan Blaney races at Auto Club Speedway.

The special Bodyarmor EDGE scheme is not the first time that Blaney has partnered with the sports drink company. They have created some special designs in the past, including a tribute to Kobe Bryant for the Auto Club 400.

Blaney headed to Auto Club Speedway in California on Mar. 1, 2020, weeks after a tragic helicopter crash killed the former Los Angeles Lakers player, his daughter Gianna, and seven others. He got behind the wheel of a purple and yellow Ford Mustang that featured a snakeskin design.

“I’ve had a lot of great [schemes] and I really, personally, think that the Kobe car that we did at Fontana last year was probably by far my favorite,” Blaney explained to Heavy. “You know, I went to Bodyarmor after the accident, wanting to just pay tribute to the Bryant family, you know, Kobe and Gianna. That was a tough time for everybody, especially Bodyarmor because Kobe was such a big part of their growth.

“We’re really fortunate to be able to run that car. That might be one of my favorite schemes of all time, any sponsor I’ve ever run. That car will definitely live with me forever, and I’ll never forget that moment when everyone saw it. I think everyone really appreciated it, and I think it was everyone’s favorite car too.”

Blaney Will Now Have to Contend With Changing Track Conditions

Ryan Blaney

GettyRyan Blaney races at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

When the Team Penske driver heads to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Coca-Cola 600, he will have to deal with several factors while showing off the colorful paint scheme. The grueling race starts under the sunny skies, but it ends 400 laps later under the lights of Charlotte Motor Speedway. These changing track conditions force the NASCAR teams to make adjustments throughout the race in order to remain in contention for the win.

“We put a big emphasis on track temperature, you know, as well as, air temperatures,” Blaney told Heavy. “But when your air temp goes down, the track temp goes down and that completely changes how your car runs around that place. Charlotte, you know that it’s going to be a night race at the end and you’re trying to set yourself up for the end.

“So you kind of just look at past notes like, ‘alright, our car’s like this in the daytime. What did it do at night? How did it change our car?’ You just try to predict that early on. I think that’s the biggest thing is trying to get ahead of it and be set up for the end of that race. Obviously, you want to run well the whole race, get stage points, things like that. What really counts is those final 50 laps.”

Blaney will now contend for a win at Charlotte Motor Speedway while showcasing a bright and colorful Bodyarmor scheme. The race will take place at 6 p.m. ET on Fox and will consist of 400 laps. Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon, and Mike Joy will call the action from the booth while America’s crew chief, Larry McReynolds, provides analysis from the booth. Jamie Little and Regan Smith will join the broadcast and provide updates from pit road.

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