Nate Diaz: ‘I’m Coming Back for Your A**, Motherf*****!’

UFC Fighter Nate Diaz

Getty UFC Star Nate Diaz is one of the most popular fighters in the sport.

UFC Superstar Nate Diaz posted a hype video via Instagram on Saturday indicating he wants to compete in what would be a massive rematch next year. You can watch that promo video below. It follows Diaz’s last appearance in the Octagon against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 in November 2019 and ends with “2021” on the screen.

Diaz also posted a link to the same video via Twitter with the caption, “Pull the f*** up”.

That’s good news for fans of the younger Diaz brother. The 35-year-old’s cryptic tweet on Friday was interpreted by some to be a retirement threat.

But Diaz is clearly planning to fulfill the promise he made during his UFC 244 post-fight interview.

“I’m coming back for your a**, motherf*****,” Diaz said back then, and that specific clip was included in the video Diaz posted on Saturday.

Diaz: ‘Round 4’

Diaz posted the video with the caption, “Round 4” because UFC 244 was stopped by the ringside doctor due to cuts around Diaz’s eye at the end of the third round.

That means the first round of their next fight would essentially be the fourth round of their battle overall.

The stoppage at UFC 244 was highly controversial, and many have continued to debate the call made by the physician as well as the New York State Athletic Commission.

Diaz never got to see the fourth round in the first fight due to the doctor’s decision to stop the fight. Now Diaz expects to get that fourth round on the books in the rematch.

The video Diaz posted on Saturday alludes to him wanting the rematch to happen in Las Vegas or at least somewhere else besides New York due to the controversy that surrounded the first fight.

In short, many people don’t believe the fight would have been stopped in Nevada or various other places. Diaz is among them.

Promo Video Ends with Strong Words from Diaz

The promo video Diaz posted on Saturday includes portions of his post-fight interview at UFC 244 with Joe Rogan.

“Would you like to run this fight back, Nate?” Rogan asked.

“Right back, right back…I’m coming back for your a**, motherf*****,” Diaz said.

The last comments heard in the video are some of Diaz’s strongest words from the UFC 244 post-fight press conference about Diaz’s intention to fight Masvidal again.

Diaz said, “I’m sure every fight I’m going to do from here on out is gonna be the biggest fight because I’m the realest fighter in this whole game…We’ll see if he is.”

So it looks like Diaz intends on getting his rematch against Masvidal in 2021.

There’s no reason for the fighter to have posted the video out of the blue like this other than to try to get the rematch signed, sealed and delivered.

Diaz vs. Masvidal 2 appears to be on the way, or at least that’s what Diaz hopes will happen.

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