Jaylen Brown Sounds Off on Celtics After Loss to Hawks

Jaylen Brown, Trae Young, Boston Celtics

Getty Jaylen Brown, Trae Young, Boston Celtics

On April 25, the Boston Celtics failed to close out their first-round playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks, courtesy of a late Trae Young dagger three.

Much to the chagrin of Celtics fans worldwide, head coach Joe Mazzulla once again held onto his time-outs, despite his team losing momentum midway through the fourth quarter.

When speaking to the media following the game, All-Star forward Jaylen Brown sent a message to both the coaching and playing staff, noting how they need to execute at a higher level, regardless of whether timeouts are being called or not.

“We pride ourselves on being basketball players and being able to, you know, make the right play and adjustments,” Brown said. “At times, we leave that up to the coaches to make that decision. For sure, we got to be better overall as a team, coaching staff and players, at getting organized in those moments, whether we call timeouts or not.”

Despite the loss, Brown shone throughout the contest and was the Celtics’ best player on the night, ending the game with 35 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists while shooting 65.2% from the field and 57.1% from deep.

Trae Young Enjoyed Quieting The Celtics Crowd

In a potential series-ending game for the Hawks, on the Celtics’ home floor, Trae Young came alive to help will his team to a victory. During his post-game press conference, the All-Star guard discussed his enjoyment at hearing the Celtics crowd fall silent as his team fought back into the game.

“It always feels good,” Young said. “That means we’re doing something great and hopefully run to the top of the scoreboard at that point. So I mean, for me, that’s all I focus on. I ain’t focused on what the crowd is saying, or on quiet and on and making them quiet, I just want to make my team win because, at the end of the day, we win it’s gonna be quiet regardless on the road, so that’s my own focus. And I’m just glad we won tonight.”

Following Young’s three-point scoring heroics, the Celtics will now have to travel back to Atlanta and attempt to close out the series in front of a hostile crowd. Otherwise, Boston could find themselves in a do-or-die game seven.

Derrick White Issues Statement on Trae Young

During his own media session following the game, Derrick White discussed the impact Trae Young made on the game, including his clutch game-winning shot that kept his team’s season alive.

“He’s a great player,” White said. “Made a lot of tough shots. Made a lot of plays for them. So, we tip our cap to him.”

The Celtics will now head back to Atlanta in search of their fourth and final win of the series, so they can progress onto the second round, where the Philadelphia 76ers are waiting for them. Furthermore, the Celtics’ job will be made all the more difficult as Dejounte Murray returns from suspension.

Boston’s next game is scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 27, at the State Farm Arena.