Danny Ainge Reacts to Celtics Guard’s ‘Shut The F*** Up’ Video

Getty Images Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge

Did he just say what I think he said?

That was the question was on the minds of some Boston Celtics fans this week when a video from the Celtics’ regular-season finale against the New York Knicks surfaced across social media.

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In the clip, Celtics guard Romeo Langford, who spent most of the season sidelined with a wrist injury, apparently shouts — or, at least that’s how it’s being interpreted online — “shut the f*** up” towards the Celtics bench, via the Celtics Insiders account on Instagram.

Making matters worse, he yelled it right after head coach Brad Stevens was seen screaming at his players on the floor, and in the context of bubbling reports that Celtics players have tuned out Stevens.

Danny Ainge ‘Summoned’ Over Romeo Langford Video

While there’s been no confirming Romeo’s exact wording nor do we know who the sophomore wing was speaking to, it didn’t stop 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich from asking Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge, Thursday morning.

“I’ve been summoned,” Ainge said admittingly, after clarifying he hadn’t seen the actual video itself. “They didn’t hear him say it, they just thought that that’s what he mouthed. He has to be careful about that.”

From the outset, it sounded like Ainge wasn’t too familiar with the story. But, after a quick summary, Danny says the matter was, in fact, brought to his attention.

“Now that you mention that, I think that I did hear,” Ainge laughed. “Somebody said, ‘Did he just say to Brad Stevens …’ and, you know, who knows what he heard or what he said?”

Ainge On Romeo Langford Video: ‘It’s Not Uncommon’

Coming from a two-time Celtics champion who built a reputation as one of the league’s most obnoxious, hard-nosed defending pests who knew just what to say or do to get under an opponent’s skin, Ainge is very familiar with players’ frustration. He knows an outburst like Langford’s is prone to happen on a basketball court.

“You make a mistake and somebody on your team — a player or a coach — yells something at you, you know, to get your head out, and yeah, I’m sure guys mouth that or, at least, have those thoughts all the time,” Ainge added. “It’s not uncommon.”

What’s a Major Move For Danny Ainge, Celtics?

As far as the offseason is concerned, Ainge scoffs when he’s told that the Celtics need to make a “major move.” When asked by Toucher & Rich what comes to mind when the subject is broached, Danny explained why it’s such a complicated talk to have.

“I get such a kick out of that; those conversations,” Ainge said. “Because there has to be partners and there has to be opportunities for those major moves, even if you want to do that,” Ainge said. “I don’t even know what the definition of “major moves” are.

“My definition will probably be much broader than everybody else’s definition of major moves based on conversations I had in the past.”