Celtics Fans React to Injury-Prone Star’s Uncertainty

Malcolm Brogdon

Getty Malcolm Brogdon #13, Boston Celtics

Malcolm Brogdon exited the Boston Celtics game against the Detroit Pistons at the 4:21 mark of the second quarter. Brogdon then proceeded to go to the locker room, where the Celtics later confirmed that he would not return due to right hamstring tightness.

After the game, interim head coach Joe Mazzulla told reporters that the Celtics will evaluate the full extent of Brogdon’s injury the day after he suffered it.

Brogdon came to the Celtics with a reputation for being injury-prone, so seeing the uncertainty surrounding his availability caught the attention of Celtics fans knowing how often he gets hurt. Some weren’t surprised by the news because they were expecting it.

Others started to panic, knowing how big a role Brogdon has played in the Celtics’ 8-3 start this season.

Some fans pointed out that his recent injury, combined with his injury history, pointed out that times like these show why the Celtics aren’t playing Brogdon too many minutes as well as why he’s not in the team’s starting five.

Others also pointed out that Brogdon’s injury proves why the Celtics shouldn’t trade Payton Pritchard knowing Brogdon’s history and Pritchard’s production in the past.

Pritchard stepped in for Brogdon after the Celtics confirmed he was out for the rest of the game. In 13 minutes, Pritchard scored four points while shooting two-for-six from the field while corraling three rebounds. Pritchard also tried to get a fastbreak dunk, but came up just short.

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Grant Williams’ Thoughts on Brogdon

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Williams detailed the qualities Brogdon has as a leader of the second unit.

“He does a phenomenal job of leading us and making sure that we understand how valuable we are to the team and how much impact we can have,” Williams said.

Williams then talked about what Brogdon does on the court and how his approach to the game has allowed him to thrive on the team.

“He does a good job of penetrating into the paint and spreading out the shooters around him and creating shots for himself. He provides different values and opportunities to a team that needed it. He’s been very, very powerful in his way of approach every single day. He’s been very good in his ability. He’s been just true to himself, and he’s allowed himself to blossom with the success we have with one another.”

Brogdon’s absence could have ramifications on the Celtics’ second unit if he’s out for a while.

Celtics’ Bench Stats

Several statistics have shown that the Celtics’ bench has been a productive unit for them.

Going by plus/minus, the Celtics bench has served to benefit the team, as they have a plus/minus of plus-2.7, which is fourth overall in that category behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, and Chicago Bulls.

They also have the highest field goal percentage compared to the other benches around the league at 50.8 percent, as well as the highest three-point field goal percentage at 46.2 percent. However, the Celtics are tied with the Golden State Warriors for the 14th-highest points per game, scoring 35.2 points a game. That may be due to them also averaging the 23rd-highest minutes per game among benches, averaging 16.6 minutes.

Their numbers could change when Robert Williams III returns to the court.

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