Celtics’ Smart Throws Down on Second US President

Marcus Smart

Getty Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart slam dunks the basketball during a 2016 playoff bout with the Atlanta Hawks.

There are few hoopsters that defend as well as Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart. After all, the tenacious 27-year-old is a two-time NBA All-Defensive First Team pick and was the 2019 NBA Hustle Award winner. So when Smart is giving advice on what it takes to be a good defender, it’s probably time to take notes.

On Friday, he did just that when a fan took to Twitter looking for words of wisdom from the defensive maestro. In the process, though, Smart also managed to throw a hammer dunk down on one of the United States of America’s founding fathers.

John Adams may have been the second US president and a key figure in the American revolution but, after Smart’s treatment, he may never be the same again.

Smart on the Art of Defense (and Being Second President)

In response to the fan’s question about ways to improve their game, Smart quickly took to the pulpit to preach on the art of defense. For him, it’s clearly all about effort and desire.

“Takes little ‘talent’ to play defense. Takes a whole lotta ‘want to,'” Smart tweeted. “Get every 50/50 ball. If you’re not quik defensively — get strong. Strength hides weaknesses. Take charges. Be a gr8 teammate. Compete. Never be ok w losing.”

Smart concluded the treatise with his utter dismissal of Adams, writing, “No one remembers the 2nd US President. Only the 1st.”

While the spirit of Smart’s shot probably holds true, the actual words sure don’t. Adams was a major figure in US history; one that people definitely remember. Particularly in the Massachusetts Bay area where he was born and raised. He also famously defended the accused British soldiers in the wake of the 1770 Boston Massacre before becoming a revolutionary.

Even those that are less inclined to hit the history books may be aware of Adams from the Paul Giamatti-led, HBO mini-series about his life or the myriad references to him in “Hamilton.” Again, though, the point Smart was trying to make about being the best you can be and winning the day/game/matchup, et al. definitely holds merit.

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Fans Sound off on Smart for Adams Snub

Commenters quickly took Smart to task for relegating Adams to forgotten-man status. However, the Celtics guard was happy to play along in the resulting thread, too.

“I know who John Adams is, but I don’t know who you are,” blistered one respondent. “And poor John Adams, first Lin-Manuel Miranda’s characters pick on him, now this.”

“Really Marcus? I think most educated people remember John Adams,” added another commenter.

Another tweeter threw out the litany of areas Adams was versed in, prompting Smart to reply, “John’s legit. George still beat him. George #1,” in reference to the first presidential election.

Smart also asked Celtics Twitter to put his likeness into an Adams-era painting, which resulted in this:

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