Patrick Beverley Teaches Boston Celtics Fans a Lesson in Respect

Patrick Beverley

Getty Patrick Beverley gave some young Boston Celtics fans a lesson before Wednesday's game.

Patrick Beverley is known as one of the NBA’s biggest instigators. The fiery Milwaukee Bucks guard doesn’t hold back and often says what’s on his mind.

Boston Celtics fans are some of the most knowledgeable in the business, but they are also some of the most passionate. Like Beverley, Celtics fans don’t usually hold back. When an opposing player gets under the skin of Celtics fans, they’ll let them hear it in the form of boos or flat-out expletives during the game.

Beverley was the subject of some boos and expletives during Boston’s 122-119 victory on Wednesday, March 20, at TD Garden. Before the game, the 12-year NBA veteran was seen giving some Celtics fans a lesson in respect.


Patrick Beverley Wouldn’t Sign Autographs for Celtics Fans Unless They Said ‘Please’

Beverley is in his 12th NBA season and his first in Milwaukee. After losing Jrue Holiday in a trade for Damian Lillard this offseason, the Bucks struggled mightily on the defensive side of the ball. They picked up Beverley at the trade deadline to give them some tenacity on defense.

Beverley is one of those players you love when he’s on your team, but you love to hate him when he’s playing against your squad.

Before Wednesday’s game against the NBA-leading Celtics, Beverley mingled with some of the Boston fans, but he made sure they were polite when they asked for autographs.

“What do you need?” Beverley asked a young fan in a Jayson Tatum jersey after the fan asked for his signature.

The fan asked for his autograph, and Beverley walked him through the respectful way of asking.

“Start it over. So what do you need?” Beverley asked again.

“Could I get your signature please?” the fan asked.

“There we go,” Beverley said. “I love that.”

He moved down the line to the next young fan, who quickly said the magic word when asking for a signature.

“Love that,” Beverley said to the fan before penning a few more signatures and scurrying to the locker room.

Beverley Irked Plenty of Celtics Fans During the Game

Beverley got on the bad side of Celtics players and fans for his antics during the game. During the second quarter, he hit a fallaway jumper as backup center Luke Kornet defended. On his way down the court, Beverley made a “too small” gesture with his hand that triggered boos aimed in his direction.

Celtics guard Payton Pritchard said he took the gesture personally because it mocked one of his teammates.

“It lit a little fire in me,” Pritchard said after the game. “(Beverley)’s trying to clown one of our teammates, so definitely took it a little personal.”

Pritchard knocked down five 3-pointers and was fueled by Beverley’s actions. He admitted it helped him ” bring more energy (and) bring more dog to it. I think that’s what (Beverley) prides himself on. Bring more than him.”

Pritchard finished with 19 points in 31 minutes. He knocked down seven of his 11 shots from the floor, including going 5-for-8 from 3-point land.

With the win, the Celtics improved to 55-14 and hold an 11-game lead over the second-place Bucks in the Eastern Conference.

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