Stephen Curry Brutally Roasts Celtics Star

Stephen Curry, Grant Williams

Getty Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors drives against Grant Williams #12 of the Boston Celtics.

Even a month after the 2022 NBA Finals concluded, it appears Stephen Curry isn’t doesn’t with the Boston Celtics just yet. Or Grant Williams, for that matter. While hosting the 2022 ESPYs on July 20, 2022, the Golden State Warriors superstar took some shots at Williams, specifically referencing him being on the Celtics and, by extension, being on the losing side of the finals.

“Grant Williams, I see you in the building! It’s great to see you again, my man! I know you like this color. I’ll let you borrow it after I’m done. I might even let you wear a ring.” Curry then recoiled facetiously upon finishing his roast.

This would not be the only time Curry would roast the Celtics during the ESPYs. While talking to Kevin Hart, Curry described his role as a family man, which included being the “proud daddy of the Boston Celtics.”

Curry did not hold back at all when it came to roasting the Celtics or Williams during the award ceremony. Then again, maybe Curry wouldn’t have been so harsh on the Celtics nor Grant had it not been for the comments Williams had made regarding how the finals turned out.

Williams Believes Celtics Were Better Than Golden State

On July 20, Williams went on Miami Heat sharpshooter Duncan Robinson’s podcast to discuss various topics surrounding both him and the Celtics, one of which included Williams’ thoughts on how it all went down between them and the Warriors in the finals.

“When I reflected back on those games, I will still say confidently, confidently, they weren’t the better team. They were the more disciplined team. I will say that without a doubt. They’re disciplined, and their… history of being in the finals, and their championship pedigree, that was real.”

Williams later added that the Warriors heavily celebrated winning Game 4 because, in his opinion, they knew they shouldn’t have won that game. He then reiterated that Boston’s lack of discipline hurt them a lot in that game and the rest of that series.

“You should have heard how badly they celebrated after Game 4. They were, like, screaming because they knew they weren’t supposed to win that game. Stuff like that, the over-confidence side of things got to us. The discipline, not understanding that we may be the better team… we just weren’t a disciplined team.”

(Start at the 27:50 mark)

No matter who was the better team from a talent standpoint, the fact remains that Golden State hoisted the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2022. What could help the Celtics attain this discipline Williams talks about is learning from playoff losses like that.

Besides, Grant and the Celtics weren’t the only ones Curry roasted at the ESPYs.

Curry Roasted the Lakers

While doing his monologue at the ESPYs, Curry congratulated the Los Angeles Rams for winning the 2021 Super Bowl, praising them specifically for buying aging stars – in their case, Matthew Stafford – to accomplish their goals, which was reminiscent of what another LA-based team did a few years earlier.

“It was so inspiring watching y’all play, watching y’all win a Super Bowl, watching y’all celebrate. It’s inspiring to see that strategy of buying old superstars pay off for a local team around here.”

Reading between the lines, Steph was roasting the Los Angeles Lakers for bringing in 34-year-old LeBron James via free agency to help them win their 17th title as a franchise in 2020.

It’s safe to say that no sports star nor franchise was exempt from Curry’s wrath.