Bulls’ Andre Drummond Sends Powerful Message on Critical Decision

Andre Drummond, Chicago Bulls

Getty Andre Drummond #3 of the Chicago Bulls.

For however long he chooses, Chicago Bulls big man Andre Drummond will not be on social media.

“Deleting all my social apps,” the former two-time All-Star tweeted on March 29 during an off-day following the Bulls’ three-game road trip. “My management will take over, also changing my number.

“Time to focus on my mental health. If you too are struggling with your mental health, you are not alone … it’s okay to ask for help.”

He had alluded to such an announcement just a couple of hours earlier.

This is not the first time Drummond has been outspoken about his mental health.

He also partnered with the NBPA to spread the message and raise awareness about mental health in a Facebook video in May 2022.

“I believe the first time I prioritized my mental health was maybe a few years ago – three, four years ago,” Drummond said. “I caught myself focusing on the wrong things, allowing my everyday life to stress me out and not really taking care of myself first, and worrying about others before myself. And that mental aspect of your life that you need to take care of due to whatever you have going on. Doesn’t have to be a basketball player, just an everyday person. You need that time to yourself to really just process and focus on you. Because when you don’t, it can really take you down.”

Drummond, 29, has had an up-and-down season, mostly because his minutes and role have been inconsistent. That seemed to be leveling out over the road trip, though. He’d seen double-digit minutes in all but four of the last 25 games and averaged over 15 minutes per game over the last four games.

He’s averaging 6.1 points and 6.7 rebounds this season but is still posting 14.3 points and 12 boards when he sees 20-plus minutes, which has happened all of four times.

There was some thought he could be a buyout option because of this effectiveness.

“He’s in a weird spot,” wrote Keith Smith for Spotrac on February 8. “Sometimes he plays, sometimes he doesn’t. When he does play, Drummond is the same guy he’s always been: terrific rebounder, solid enough finisher and mostly a mess on defense. The one challenge for a buyout for Drummond? He’s owed $3.4 million on a player option for next season. Unless he really wants to hit free agency now, the Bulls would be on the hook for some additional dead money next year.”

Bulls Could Need Andre Drummond Next Season

The Bulls hoped Drummond would fill their need for a legitimate backup center this year, and he has filled that role more than capably considering the uncertainty around his playing time on any given night.

But the Bulls are staring Nikola Vucevic’s unrestricted free agency this summer in the face with no word on a change in the chances he reaches an agreement on a new deal early.

Vucevic has openly entertained playing elsewhere saying he would explore his options.

That makes Drummond’s on-court ability that much more critical for the Bulls. But not before the individual.

Andre Drummond Showing Strength

It takes a lot to let someone behind the curtain let alone the 2-plus million followers he has between his Instagram and Twitter accounts. Not to mention those who follow him in the gaming, music and NFT worlds. The former ninth overall pick in 2012, he has never been shy about his ability on the basketball court – he has called himself the greatest rebounder ever.

Drummond is equally open about himself as a person.

The Bulls announced Drummond was questionable for their March 29 rematch with the Lakers, per Chicago sports reporter Daniel Greenberg.

Drummond is not the first athlete or even NBA player to speak out. But anyone who feels like they need help should get it. The number for the National Mental Health Hotline is 1-866-903-3787.

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