Spencer Dinwiddie Sounds Off on Luka ‘Storylines’ as Mavericks Hunt for Upgrades

Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks

Getty Luka Doncic #77 of the Dallas Mavericks.

Whether the Dallas Mavericks need to upgrade the roster depends on who you ask. According to some, the team could stand to add some fresh talent to the roster, including a legitimate All-Star running mate for Luka Doncic, evidenced in Dallas’ stance as one of the league’s clear “buyers” ahead of the trade deadline.

But according to Spencer Dinwiddie, the Mavs’ need for a Luka co-star is just a media storyline, not necessarily rooted in reality.

“You guys work in the media, and you know that storylines are king, right?” So, we have a 23-year-old savant — it’s very easy to say [‘Luka needs help’]. Luka’s amazing, he’s been the prodigy from the beginning. So it’s always gonna be like that because his star power is so much further beyond ours. And in a lot of ways he makes the game easier for us. Because of that, you’re just gonna have to deal with some media backlash sometimes off the court,” Dinwiddie explained to the Dallas Morning News recently.

Dinwiddie went on to toot his own horn just a bit, reminding fans of his own talent.

“The 5-foot-4 dude sitting on his couch saying I’m a bum or whatever… Listen, I want you to be a fan, I want you to buy jerseys and be invested. But like, I’ve averaged 20 points before. That’s not gonna phase me. It’s part of the game.”

Though Dinwiddie might not believe the Mavericks need to find an All-Star partner for Luka, it doesn’t mean the team won’t be busy before the trade deadline.

Doncic ‘Strongly’ Indicating Desire for Roster Upgrades?

For now, Doncic is doing everything for Dallas, who sits fifth in a crowded Western Conference. And according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, he wants the team to make moves to improve ahead of the trade deadline.

“Sources said Doncic, who hasn’t shown a desire to be involved in personnel matters in the past, has strongly indicated he wants the Mavs to upgrade before the Feb. 9 trade deadline,” MacMahon wrote last week.

Doncic has never made outward suggestions that he’s unhappy with Dallas’ roster or wants improvements.

Shortly after reporting, MacMahon followed up with another report: that he was apparently wrong.

Mark Cuban denies that Luka Doncic has indicated he wants the roster to be upgraded before the trade deadline.

“Cuban: ‘Tim MacMahon got it dead wrong. Luka has never suggested, asked, demanded or discussed changes to the roster,’” MacMahon tweeted.

Nonetheless, reporting suggests the Mavericks will be among a slew of teams that will be buyers over the next few weeks.

Mavericks Among Prominent Buyers Ahead of Trade Deadline

There’s no time like the present. With the Mavericks’ playoff hopes seeming to hinge on Doncic’s ability to lift the team and rip off a hot streak, Dallas should be looking for ways to bring a higher level of consistency.

According to Ric Bucher of Fox Sports, that’s exactly what they’re doing. The Mavs, along with the Warriors and Bucks, figure to be buyers before the trade deadline.

“A sampling of GMs, scouts and front-office executives identified the Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks as interested buyers on the trade market, looking to add a proven player — or two — to complement their star-studded core and improve their championship title chances in June,” Bucher wrote.

The Mavericks are likely eyeing defensive upgrades with hopes of leveling out Dallas’ middling defensive rating.

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