George Karl Takes Swipe at Ex-Nuggets Star Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony

Getty Carmelo Anthony

The conflict between George Karl and Carmelo Anthony continues. The Denver Nuggets alumni have been at odds for some time now. Karl took a swipe at Anthony while celebrating Nikola Jokic’s birthday on February 19.

“Happy bday to the champ, the ultimate team guy and the greatest player to wear #15 in Denver hoops history,” George posted on his X account.

This is undoubtedly a shot at Anthony, seeing how he wore the No. 15 in Denver before they traded him to the New York Knicks. Karl coached Anthony from 2005 to 2011, where the two of them helped the Nuggets reach their first Western Conference Finals since 1985 in 2009. However, that was the only time the Nuggets had playoff success with Karl and Anthony aboard.

After the Nuggets traded Carmelo Anthony and before they drafted Jokic, they had one other player who wore No. 15: Anthony Randolph. Randolph played for the Nuggets during the 2013-14 season.

Jokic has taken the Nuggets to heights never seen before with an NBA Finals appearance, let alone a championship.

George Karl Calls Carmelo Anthony Overrated

George Karl’s conflict with Carmelo Anthony is not a newfound development. The two have been exchanging barbs with one another for some time. Anthony himself talked about how Karl had harsh words for Anthony after the Nuggets first hired him.

Anthony claimed that Karl told him he was overrated and compared him to Detlef Schrempf, who Karl coached in Seattle.

Karl called out Anthony on his X account, wanting to move on after their time together in Denver while taking a shot at him. At the same time, he didn’t refute what Anthony said.

“Let’s not do this. You’re telling stories that are 20 years old. Let’s move (forward),” Karl posted on his X account. “And (you) were overrated and (you) wish your game was as efficient as Detlef’s.”

Karl took over as head coach mid-way through the 2004-05 season. Anthony was in the middle of his second NBA season at that time. It’s clear that neither side got along with the other when they worked together in Denver. Worse, it appears as though the relationship was doomed from the start.

Karl Willing to Work Things Out With Carmelo Anthony

Despite their longstanding issues, Karl revealed that he would like to work things out with Carmelo Anthony if given the chance. After posting a poll asking if he should, Karl posted his honest thoughts the prospect of making up with the former Nuggets star.

“I’m willing to chop it up and hash things out on your show, Melo. Are (you)??” Karl asked on his X account.

Karl believes that it’s Anthony who has the problem and not him. There have been previous cases of former NBA teammates with strained relationships who worked things out after their professional relationship ended.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant did this. Kevin Durant and Draymond Green did this. Karl and Anthony certainly could. It all depends on if that’s what Anthony wants at this point. There have been no signs from him that he does.