Warriors Star Andrew Wiggins Reveals His Big Goal for 2022-23

Andrew Wiggins Warriors-Wizards

Getty Golden State Warriors star Andrew Wiggins drives with the ball during a preseason game against the Washington Wizards.

Few players have managed to alter the perception of their game and their place in the NBA hierarchy like Golden State Warriors wing Andrew Wiggins. Just a few, short years ago, the former No. 1 pick was widely considered one of the more disappointing ballers in the Association; a supremely talented prospect who was unable (or unwilling) to do what was necessary to make good on his potential.

However, after making the move to the Bay Area, mastering his role, becoming an All-Star and, finally, winning a championship, Wiggins has flipped that script in a major way. People have stopped talking about what he should be (or what he’s not) and started appreciating him for the player that he is.

In turn, the Warriors showed their appreciation by rewarding him with a four-year, $109 million contract extension. And Wiggins was very clearly happy to receive it — even as he has progressed to the point that he probably could have gotten more in free agency.

The 27-year-old isn’t interested in taking a victory lap, though. Rather, he’s looking to build off of the postseason run that punctuated his redemption campaign.

Wiggins Speaks Out on His Big Goal for the New Season

On Sunday, Wiggins met with the media for the first time since getting the proverbial bag. When he was asked what was next for him now that his contract situation is settled, he had a very specific goal in mind.

“I want to keep up with the rebounding,” Wiggins declared. “You know, I feel like I took a step in the playoffs and I just gotta keep doing it… To me, that’s probably the most important thing. And defense… keep at it”

In truth, Wiggins’ wild rebounding bump and the impact it had on the Warriors during the postseason represented more of a seismic leap than a step. After averaging 4.4 boards for his career — and only clearing five a night twice in eight years — Wiggins corralled a whopping 7.5 rebounds per contest in the playoffs.

Along the way, the Warriors had a 9-1 record when Wiggins secured eight or more rebounds. It’s a mark that brings hope for big things in the year ahead, especially when one considers the apparent ease with which Wiggins became a rebounding machine.

Wiggins Has Vowed to Never Be the 4 RPG Guy Again

During his summer appearance on the Point Forward podcast, Wiggins was probed about the sudden and stark uptick in his rebounding game by teammate Andre Iguodala. In response, Wiggins confessed that it was all about getting buckets in the beginning.

“The offensive rebounds… I was really just thirsty to score,” Wiggins said. “We have a lot of options on our team, a lot of people that come in the game and can score the ball and make plays.”

Very quickly, though, he realized that he had a knack for boarding; it was almost easy for him.

“I’m into rebounding, like ‘this ain’t that hard,’ like I can rebound. From there, I just kept with it, it helps us win, it gives us more possessions and I’m like ‘I can do this, I’m never going to average four rebounds again.’ I look back now, like I don’t know how that was possible.”

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