Steph Curry Compares Celtics’ Tatum and Brown to Warriors’ Splash Bros


The NBA is surging with young talented players. The Boston Celtics are one of those teams thriving with some of these young talented players led by duo Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

The Warriors suffered a tough loss to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night. All-Star Steph Curry had nothing but high remarks for the Celtics talented duo Tatum and Brown — where he recognizes that the duo reminds him of himself and teammate Klay Thompson.

Splash Bros In Boston


Curry and Thompson, who have been notably deemed the “Splash Bros,” are aware that there might be a new duo in town. Curry, who has been known to have success behind the three alongside Thompson, and the All-Star shared some advice for Boston’s star duo.

“You have two talented guys who have to learn how to play off each other,” Curry said in an interview with reporters. “One guy has got it and the other guy has to learn to stay engaged and vice-versa and both elevate yourself in the same process. Understanding how they can get the most out of their individual talent and put it together and balance it with the rest of the guys. There’s definitely a lot of similarities there.”

Curry stated that their experiences playing together and their chemistry on the court reminded him of himself and Thompson.

“For sure. You have two talented guys that have to figure out how to play off of each other. One guy has got it, the other guy has to stay engaged, and vice versa. You both elevate yourselves in that same process so. They both got thrown into the fire (like) with me, Klay and Draymond.”

Curry also noted that their experience in the playoffs last season was a great opportunity for them to build their chemistry early in their careers. He thinks that the duo has gotten acquainted with each other’s playing style as they progress playing together. Curry made sure to compare this duo to the infamous ‘Splash Brother’ in Golden State.

Tatum and Brown are Impressing the League


Tatum and Brown make up a fundamental part of the dominant Boston Celtics core that the franchise is working to build upon. In just the past three seasons, Tatum has made two Finals appearances and Brown has been to one. Being able to have playoff experience at the beginning of their careers in the league could prove to be valuable as they go forth in their careers.

Curry and Thompson were key factors in the success of the Warriors 2015-19 dynasty, where they were able to make five straight Finals appearances, winning three of them. Unfortunately this season the Warriors are missing Thompson due to an Achilles injury.

This season the duo of Brown and Tatum have looked unstoppable. Both players are currently averaging career highs in scoring and able to carry the offensive load just like Curry is doing himself. The duo is averaging 26.8 points per game already this season.

It’s not common that a player will praise a team before a matchup, however, Curry will share his knowledge when he sees fit. Curry is hoping his own team can bounce back after their 111-107 loss to the Celtics. The team now sits at 11-10 heading into a road trip to Texas.

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