Draymond Green Has Brute Response About Warriors’ Season Opener Against Nets


The Golden State Warriors will face off against the Brooklyn Nets in their season opener on December 22nd and star forward Draymond Green isn’t too thrilled about the team’s kickoff of the 2020-21 regular season.

This Warriors and Nets matchup is highly anticipated for NBA fans as Green and teammate Stephen Curry face Nets’ Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant in a showdown that most fans are looking forward to. It also will be Durant’s first game against the team as an ex-Warrior. This will be the Warrior’s first non-preseason game since March.


Draymond’s Blunt Response

Becoming motivated for a high-status matchup like this is normally no issue for Green, however, motivation may be an ongoing issue for the Warriors team this season, especially the star forward.

Per Anthony Slater on Twitter, when asked what were his first thoughts when he saw that the season opener against the Nets would be December 22nd. “We got a game on my son’s fourth birthday,” said Green. “That f****** sucks.”

In addition to the game being on his son’s birthday, the team will have to travel to the East coast to Barclays Center in New York. So the likelihood of Green being able to have time with his son on his special day is slim. However, these are the cons of being a multi-million dollar professional athlete.


Anticipating the Big Match-up

Draymond should have his trash-talk ready to face his former NBA-championship teammate Kevin Durant. This could very much be a cover-up for Draymond because it seems very doubtful that he would want his opponents to think he cares much about this coveted game anyway.

After missing the majority of training camp, Green and first-round pick James Wiseman returned to practice on Monday, after going through the NBA’s coronavirus protocol due to testing positive for the virus. The two could potentially play in the final game of the preseason Thursday against the Sacramento Kings.

The Warriors will take on the Brooklyn Nets next week at Barclays Center.

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