James Wiseman Sounds Off On Draymond Green Constantly Yelling at Him in Warriors Practice


Golden State WarriorsDraymond Green is known around the league for being one of the most outspoken players in the NBA. Notably, Green’s passion and drive influenced by his vocalness have been a driving force for the Warriors’ accomplishments over the past few years. Green is notable for constantly yelling at players on opposing teams and even his own teammates, and first-round draft pick James Wiseman has finally experienced his share of it.


Draymond’s Harsh Influence

The Warriors’ rookie should be anticipating to play a substantial amount of minutes in his first season with Golden State and he is easily accepting of Green’s motivation and guidance as he strives to make an impact on the Warriors.

Green and Wiseman missed the beginning of training camp due to testing positive for the coronavirus, so being taught by the former Defensive Player of the Year was a little delayed. As of now, both players were cleared to practice with the rest of the team after following NBA COVID-19 protocol and Wiseman is being quickly ushered in under Draymond’s wing.


Wiseman Isn’t Taking it Too Personally 

Per Brian Witt of NBC Sports, when asked if Wiseman had been on the receiving side of one of Green’s rather harsh guidance Wiseman said yes.

“Oh yeah, today,” James Wiseman said. “I already went through that, so I already know what to expect. But I like that. I like challenges. I love that. That’s just constructive criticism. He’s just telling me stuff so I can improve my game. I don’t look at it as being in my feelings or being sympathetic or nothing. I actually like that.”

It’s nice to know that Wiseman has tough skin coming into the league for his first year. Starting his career in the NBA the 19-year-old will be looking to Draymond as a mentor almost as he accepts his role on the Warriors squad.

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