Lakers & Clippers Come to Decision on Canceling NBA Season: Report


Getty Los Angeles Lakers kneeling in solidarity.

After the Milwaukee Bucks’ decision to boycott their Wednesday playoff game against the Orlando Magic over the shooting of Jacob Blake, the status of the NBA season has been left up in the air.

According to multiple reports, players who are still in the bubble have held a meeting on how they’d like to proceed and there doesn’t appear to be a clear-cut answer. Per Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers are the only two teams to vote against starting the season back up.

Considering both teams are two of the favorites to win the championship, this is a major development. Charania went to state that Lakers star LeBron James wants owners to do more and that every other team left in the bubble wants to keep playing.

While there are plenty of teams left to finish up the playoffs, Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem pointed out that it’s hard to continue the season without the Los Angeles teams.

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The Meeting Reportedly Ended ‘Ugly’

This undoubtedly a major moment for the NBA and the world is watching. It is understandable why tensions would be high with players. According to David Aldridge, the meeting ended on an “ugly” note.

Being that the NBA is in the midst of the playoffs, this a situation that will need to be resolved quickly. Players have been stuck in a bubble for months now and some are likely eager to get home. Everything is happening very fast and there will be a chance for cooler heads to prevail. Regardless, the league has a lot to figure out and not a lot of time to do it.

Will Season Be Canceled?

The status of the NBA season seems dire but it’s not canceled yet. Per Adrian Wojnarowski, the vote the Lakers and Clippers made wasn’t a binding move.

A lot would probably need to change for both teams to come to a different decision but it’s certainly possible. LeBron was one of the biggest advocates for continuing the season and both teams have made a lot of sacrifices to keep playing.

It appears more conversations are going to be had so not all is lost but it’s seeming more real than ever that the season will get canceled.

Anthony Davis Wants Justice

Anthony Davis hasn’t always been the most outspoken player compared to his teammates but even he decided to speak out on the situation in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“We want justice for Jacob Blake,” Davis said. “The good thing is that he is stable and survived but … it’s unacceptable … We’re continuing to talk and try to find justice for him and everyone else whose been a victim. For us, it’s continuing to push the envelope on every situation on social justice, and it doesn’t stop.”

Games during the NBA bubble have featured a lot of messaging surrounding social justice. However, it’s clear the players don’t think that it’s doing enough. This is the biggest move players have ever made in an effort to fight for social justice.

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