DeMarcus Cousins Has Revealing Explanation on Why He Sat out NBA Reboot

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Getty NBA free agent DeMarcus Cousins.

Around the time of the NBA trade deadline back in February, there was still some hope in the Los Angeles Lakers organization that DeMarcus Cousins could come back in time for a playoff run. Eventually, it became clear that wouldn’t happen and the two sides parted ways. With the NBA season getting suspended in March, it seemed like this could be a second chance for Cousins to play this season thanks to the extra months off.

There was some chatter around the idea of him reuniting with the Lakers but he ultimately decided to sit out. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Cousins finally revealed why he didn’t end up coming back yet:

I miss basketball in general. I’ve been playing this game since I was a kid, and I’ve never been away from it for this long, so I’m missing it more than ever. But due to the circumstances, it’s a different game right now. Nothing but respect to the guys who went out there to the bubble and are doing what they’re doing. For me, it just wasn’t the right situation or the right time to be trying to force myself. It’s already me battling to get healthy and the obstacles in front of me. On top of that to add the different elements that are amongst us, it wasn’t the right time for me. I look forward to next season.

At the end of the day, it makes sense why Cousins decided to sit out. He tried to come back before he was ready last season and it ended up hurting him in the long run. Before his recent string of injuries, Cousins was one of the best players in the NBA. He should take his time to get to 100% before he attempts a return.

Cousins Offers His Thoughts on Games in the Bubble

With the NBA reboot in full swing, fans have a good idea of how games are going to look for the rest of the season. It’s definitely strange with no fans there but the league has done a good job of not making the transition too jarring. Cousins praised the NBA for how they’ve handled things:

It’s different, but with everything going on, they made it as convenient as possible for the guys that are there. They tried to make them as comfortable as possible. I think the sound effects are great. I don’t know what it’s like being there or on the floor hearing that, but watching it from this point of view, it sounds pretty normal. I think that’s very helpful for the guys on the floor.

Nothing will ever be able to replace the feeling of having real fans in the stadium but the NBA has done a good job considering the circumstances.

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Lack of Fans Could Affect Playoff Games, Says Cousins

Right now, the lack of fans doesn’t seem too bad but that could change once the playoffs come around. One of the biggest reasons you aim for the top seed during the regular season is so that your team can get home-court advantage. That’s not going to exist in the bubble and that could hurt a team like the Lakers. Cousins talked about the lack of fans will change playoff games:

It’s really going to take a different type of focus and mindset in the situation that they’re in. The crowd helps in so many different ways. There’s times in the game when you can be exhausted and the energy from the crowd can give you that extra boost that you need to make that next play or get that next stop. Now, you’re more dependent on the guys around you. It’s going to take a different focus to make that next play. You don’t have the energy of the crowd or a homecourt advantage. You can’t have your homecourt so loud that it distracts someone at the free throw line. Now it’s quiet on both ends. It’s a different game, and all that played a part for me, it didn’t feel like the right fit. A lot of those aspects played a part in [me not going.]

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