Wild Commercial Starring Lakers’ Alex Caruso Goes Viral

alex caruso

Getty Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso.

When Alex Caruso first started playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he seemed like a novelty. He made some plays for the team when they were not playoff contenders but nobody could’ve seen him becoming a consistent impact player. He’s now been on the team for almost four seasons now and is one of their most impactful defenders.

Caruso has become one of the biggest fan favorites in the NBA. He even received over 200,000 All-Star votes this season. Caruso probably never thought he’d get the chance to star in advertisements but that’s changed. Even though he’s not the flashiest player in the league, he’s becoming a star. The company Manscaped recently dropped an ad with Caruso as the star and fans can’t get enough of it.

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Not bad for a former undrafted free agent. Caruso has gone from being mistaken as a UPS guy at practice to getting his own commercials. He also got his own shoe deal. As long as he plays on the Lakers, he’s going to have a major following.

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Will Caruso Get a Contract Extension?

Caruso isn’t just a fan favorite. He’s actually a very good player that plenty of teams around the league would love to have. He’s not a strong scorer but he’s a decent 3-point shooter and an excellent defender. He’s a guy who is willing to do the dirty work.

Caruso’s will become an unrestricted free agent in the offseason so the Lakers are going to have a big decision on their hands. Thanks to his play over the last two seasons, there’s no doubt teams across the league are going to try and sign him if he’s a free agent. Los Angeles needs to at least try to lock him up. Caruso won’t get a massive payday but he should make more than the roughly $2.8 million he’s making right now. He’s no longer just some guy. He’s a good player who impacts the game on the defensive end and deserves to get compensated.

Caruso Recently Missed Big Shot

While Caruso has become an important player for the Lakers, he still probably isn’t the guy you want taking a shot with the game on the line. Recently, the team was in a close game against the Miami Heat. As time was expiring, LeBron James hit a wide-open Caruso who proceeded to miss the shot that would’ve sent the game to overtime.

“I brought it down, three guys on the left, saw ‘Bron on the right, tried to set it up and give it to him and then get out of his way,” Caruso said. “I think I accidentally brought in extra help instead of cutting to the opposite side.

“He made the right play with two guys on him. I was probably caught a little off guard because I was expecting them to stay with me and go 1-on-1 with ‘Bron. So I was a little late to get ready. I missed the shot short.”

Caruso should always be ready for those situations but it was strange for LeBron is put the game in his hands. It’s hard to imagine he’ll do that again.

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