Insider Drops Update on Lakers’ Interest in Drafting Bronny James

Bronny James

Getty Bronny James during a February 10 basketball game.

NBA insider Shams Charania dropped a major update regarding the Los Angeles Lakers potentially drafting Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft

“[LeBron James’ player] option date is June 29,” Charania said, during an April 30 appearance on FanDuel TV’s “Run It Back” show. “Interesting timing, right? It’s right before free agency, and right after the draft.

“And what’s potentially on draft night? His son Bronny James,” Charania continued. “And in a perfect world, the Lakers have LeBron James back, and potentially they draft Bronny James. I’m told they are interested in picking him in the draft in June.”

While LeBron has been outspoken about wanting to play with Bronny in the NBA, this is the first confirmation from an insider that the Lakers are interested in making that happen. 

Although Charania also noted how the Lakers drafting Bronny isn’t a done deal. 

“Bronny James obviously will have a decision to make, going through the pre-draft process,” he said. “So that is where [the Lakers] stand with LeBron James, and potentially with Bronny James.” 

Lakers Like to Keep LeBron Happy

Considering that Bronny James is thought to be a second round NBA Draft pick at the earliest, the Lakers’ desire to pick him is because they want to keep LeBron happy. 

The Lakers have a history of making moves to keep their legends happy, which The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill noted in an April 30 X post

“Makes perfect sense for the Lakers to draft Bronny,” Hill wrote. “This is the equivalent of the Lakers giving Kobe $50M or so on his way into retirement. It’s why major stars want to play for the Lakers. The franchise values keeping stars happy. LeBron is going to keep fans in the seats as long as he’s there. That’s worth drafting his son.”

The Lakers’ preferential treatment of legend Kobe Bryant isn’t their only instance of catering to their best player’s desires. 

As Sam Amick, Anthony Slater, and Jovan Buha of The Athletic noted on a February 14 article, “James has long wanted a star ballhandling sidekick, dating back to the Lakers’ failed bid for Damian Lillard in the summer of 2021 and their subsequent deal for Russell Westbrook.”

Which is to say that James’ desires played a role in the Lakers trade considerations. 

And that isn’t the only time James’ roster requests have come true. In December 2018, James told ESPN that it “would be amazing” if the Lakers found a way to trade for Anthony Davis

“That would be amazing, like, duh. That would be incredible,” James said.

Davis became a Laker six months later

Does Bronny James Want To Play With Dad?

It’s clear that LeBron wants to finish his NBA career playing with Bronny. It’s also now clear that the Lakers are willing to draft Bronny in order to make that happen. 

But does Bronny want to team up with his dad? 

We don’t know. 

ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” on April 18 to discuss Bronny’s future. 

When speaking about the prospect of Bronny teaming up with his dad in the NBA, Windhorst explained that Bronny’s intentions are unclear.

“I would love for us to stop guessing and asking LeBron about what Bronny wants,” Hindhorst said. “I would love it if Bronny would just come out and say ‘this is what I want.'”

Although Charania’s April 30 update indicates that Lakers might know something the rest of us don’t.