Lakers Star LeBron James Put on Blast: ‘This is What You Wanted’

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

Getty LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

In what has been an extension of how last season ended, the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be in disarray.

With the Russell Westbrook narrative hanging around their necks, a severe lack of perimeter shooting, and too little front-court depth, the Lakers look destined to have an uphill struggle for relevancy this season. On October 27, LeBron James released a cryptic Instagram post that only added to the Lakers’ lengthy list of issues. 

However, not everybody agrees with what LeBron had to say on social media, with Fox Sports Radio’s Rob Parker taking issue with the superstar forward potentially hinting at being disgruntled in Los Angeles. 

“The Los Angeles Lakers, a storied and fabled basketball franchise, turned over everything to you. The keys, the future, whatever. They got in bed with LeBron (James) and they said ‘LeBron, we’ll trade away everybody. All the promising kids we drafted, everybody. We want to win now, we’re gonna do whatever it takes…We’ll go get Anthony Davis.’

And now, he’s acting like they’re taking him for granted and they don’t wanna do anything for him? All they’ve done is bend over backward for LeBron James since he got to LA! They’ve got to be gymnasts at this point, Rob Pelinka, everybody…Stop it LeBron…This is what you wanted. Now, eat it, you made the mess, now eat it and stop blaming other people. The Lakers have done enough for you,” Parker said during an October 27 episode of The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard.

While there’s no telling if LeBron’s Instagram post was him taking shots at the Lakers organization, Parker does have a point – the front office has given the superstar everything he’s asked for since he joined the franchise.

LeBron James Takes Another Shot at Lakers Shooting Woes

On October 26,  LeBron James spoke with the media following the Lakers’ 110-99 loss to the Denver Nuggets. During that interview, the 37-year-old star made it clear that the Lakers’ shooting remains a significant issue to begin the season.

“We’ve gotta make some shots…Defensively, besides tonight, especially in transition, I think we gave up 30 (points in transition) which is not good. But, overall, throughout the season so far, we’ve been third overall in defensive ratings, top ten in pretty much defensively. And, we’ve been bottom in everything offensively,” LeBron said.

After their first five games, the Lakers sit dead last in the NBA’s three-point percentage rankings, shooting just 22.3% on 37 attempts from deep per game, so clearly, LeBron has a valid point.

Westbrook Has ‘Made Decision’ on Lakers’ Future

Besides the Lakers’ poor perimeter shooting, Westbrook’s fit on the team has also been a significant issue for the coaching and playing staff – and it’s clear the superstar guard is suffering because of it too.

According to ESPN’S Stephen A. Smith, who was speaking on an October 26 episode of NBA Countdown, Westbrook and the Lakers have both made a decision regarding his future, but they are waiting for the right moment to move forward.

“But he knows they (the Lakers) want him gone. From what I’m hearing, he practically wants to be gone, but they can’t just let him go for nothing. And so, you’ve got to find a way to get something in return for whatever asset he brings to the table,” Smith said.

Regardless of whether Westbrook remains with the Lakers for the entire season or not, the roster has plenty of issues the front office needs to resolve, and very little assets to make the necessary changes – so things are going to be very interesting leading up to the February trade deadline.

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