LeBron James Weighs in on Controversial Women’s Final 4 Foul, Gets Roasted

LeBron James

Getty LeBron James offered his opinion on the controversial foul at the end of the Iowa vs. UConn Women's Final Four game.

Plenty of eyes were glued to the TV screen when Caitlin Clark and Iowa faced Paige Bueckers and UConn in the second game on the NCAA Women’s Final Four on Friday, April 5. The game came down to the final seconds with UConn owning possession of the ball trailing by a point.

With 3.9 seconds left and the Huskies down 70-69, UConn’s Aaliyah Edwards was called for a controversial foul when setting a pick. Clark made one of two free throws for Iowa, who advanced to the title game with a 71-69 win. Edwards’ foul caused plenty of debate about whether or not a whistle should’ve been blown in that situation. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James chimed in on social media, and many responded by coming at King James.

LeBron James Didn’t Agree With the Late Call, and Fans Came at Him

Technically, Edwards’ late move to set the screen on Iowa’s Gabbie Marshall was a foul. There was nothing egregious on the play, but it’s one of those calls — like a minor holding penalty in football — that may or may not get called.

With the game on the line, many believe the whistle shouldn’t have been blown. Others argue that a foul is a foul no matter when it occurs, and it has to be called.

James was one of those who believed no call should’ve been made on that play.

“NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call,” he posted on X.

James’ short comment triggered many. It’s brought out some of the best GIFs, memes, and comments.

“In other words, Marshall didn’t sell the flop enough,” one X user wrote while posting a GIF of James flailing to the floor in a game against the Memphis Grizzlies after a defender brushed his face.

James is known as a flopper. For someone as athletically built at 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds, nobody goes down any easier with little or no contact.

“You would have been rolling all over the court if you caught that screen,” wrote another social media user.

“Haha! You’d been on the floor flopping like a fish out of water Lebron!” added another.

They kept coming.

“James crying about a call is comical,” another X user posted. “He’s looking for a foul call in the layup line.”

James’ Comment Brought Back Memories of a No-Call Against the Celtics

Basketball has to be one of the toughest sports to officiate. On any given possession, something could be called. Anytime someone drives the lane, there’s some contact. It’s just a matter of how much and how it affects the play.

Back in January 2023, James and the Lakers traveled to face the Boston Celtics, and they played an overtime thriller. James nearly won the game in regulation, but a no-call on his late drive to the basket sent the game into the extra session. It also sent James into a frenzy.

James drove the lane and was fouled by Jayson Tatum. Like the UConn foul, it was nothing blatant, but some contact was made. No whistle blew, and the game went into overtime. The Celtics won 125-121.

After the no-call, James fell to the floor and was there for 45 seconds while being consoled by teammates. It was an embarrassing tantrum by a 20-year NBA veteran.

He wanted a call then, when technically there was contact. It’s the same in the UConn game when, technically, there was a foul, but James believes the whistle shouldn’t have blown.

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