LeBron James to Mavericks ‘Worthy of Discussion’

LeBron James landing with the Mavericks is "worthy of discussion"

Getty LeBron James landing with the Mavericks is "worthy of discussion" according to Dallas Basketball's Dalton Trigg

LeBron James landing with the Mavericks is a scenario “worthy of discussion” according to Dallas Basketball’s Dalton Trigg — who responded to Shams Charania’s bombshell tweet on June 5 that Kyrie Irving reached out to “The King” to persuade him to take his talents to the Lone Star State.

“We said it during All-Star Weekend and now that Shams is on it, we’ll say it again: LeBron James to Dallas is worthy of discussion,” Trigg wrote.

Back on March 6 during an interview with Fanatics View, Brian Windhorst said he “wouldn’t rule anything out” when it comes to James joining Irving and Luka Doncic, who has mutual respect for James, via a trade.

“I don’t think he wants to leave L.A., I think that’s pretty clear,” Windhorst prefaced before saying, “I do think he has great respect for Luka and he has appreciated him for a long time, not that that’s surprising. So I would not rule anything out. But, LeBron has not shown a lot of interest in leaving L.A. and Luka is obviously committed here for a long time.”

LeBron James Has ‘Higher’ Chance at Ring With Mavericks

Trigg believes James would be better off teaming up with Irving and Doncic on the Mavericks than recruiting Irving to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“If James’ goal — and Irving’s goal, too, for that matter — is to win another championship before his illustrious career is over, those chances would be much higher if he was part of a Big 3 in Dallas rather than a duo with Irving in LA that would most likely cost more roster assets to make possible,” Trigg wrote.

Both Los Angeles and Dallas would have to move several players on the current payroll to facilitate James teaming up with Irving. The question becomes whether or not a Big Three of Irving, James, and Doncic is preferable to a trio of Irving, James, and Anthony Davis, who is six years Doncic’s elder and has a much more extensive injury history.

LeBron James Controls Los Angeles Lakers’ Future

A James departure from the Lakers could cause the front office to contemplate a full teardown of the roster — which would involve building around restricted free agent Austin Reaves and likely trading Davis to recoup assets as well.

As things stand, Reaves’ potential payday could be what makes Irving signing in L.A. all but impossible. Should James decide that he wants to leave the Lakers, it makes sense to build around Reaves. If James decides to stay, though, Reaves becomes a potential sign-and-trade chip to bring back another gaudy salary.

Per HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto, Reaves could receive interest from franchises flush with cap space including the Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs. Reaves could also receive a contract worth $100 million over four years.

Using Reaves in a sign-and-trade is one of the only means Los Angeles has to bring back a needle-moving talent that wouldn’t involve sending away every tradeable pick over the next seven years.

James is undoubtedly in control of the Lakers’ future, and what he decides to do this offseason could have a major ripple effect on the NBA’s winningest franchise of the last half-century.