Lakers Named Among Favorites to Land Legendary 10-Time All-Star

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Getty LeBron James hugging Stephen Curry.

The Golden State Warriors dynasty has apparently run its course. The team got knocked out by the Sacramento Kings in the play-in tournament and this will be the third time in five seasons that they have missed the playoffs entirely.

Steph Curry has become synonymous with the Warriors and has played 15 seasons for the franchise. However, if he wants to continue to keep competing for championships, it might be time for a fresh start. Bovada released their odds for where Curry will play next season and the Los Angeles Lakers had the third-best odds at +800.

The Lakers are interesting as LeBron James has floated the idea of playing with Curry more and more in recent years. The two superstars were rivals when they were playing in the NBA Finals for four straight seasons but they’ve become friends over the years.

Both Curry and LeBron don’t have many years left of being high-level players and could decide to team up for their twilight years. Despite being 36, there would be no shortage of teams interested if he were to request a trade. The Warriors would have no reason to want to trade him to a rival team like the Lakers unless Curry specifically asked to play there.

Steph Curry Just Wants to Win

Steph Curry’s run with the Warriors is one of the greatest in NBA history. It has yielded 10 All-Star selections, two MVPs and four championships. He could retire right now and would be a first-ballot Hall of Famer and there would be arguments that he’s one of the 10 greatest players ever.

Despite all the success he’s already had, Curry is still focused on winning.

“I just wanna win,” Curry said after the April 16 loss to the Kings, per The Athletic. “Whatever that means, I just wanna win.”

Winning might be too difficult in Golden State. Draymond Green is still a good player but keeps having incidents on the court that have led to suspensions. Klay Thompson isn’t the player he once was and could be on the move this offseason. Even if Curry stays with the Warriors, the team will likely evolve significantly in the next couple of years. While things look grim right now, the team could be a couple of moves away from being a contender again.

How Could Los Angeles Lakers Land Steph Curry?

The Warriors wouldn’t willingly trade Steph Curry to the Lakers. The two teams share a state and a division.  The Warriors would likely much rather send Curry across the country if he wants to get traded.

That said, he’s done so much for the franchise that they could honor whatever he wants. Curry has two more years left on his contract so there’s no rush to figure things out. Curry doesn’t appear to be the type who would request a trade so quickly.

It’s likely he gives the Warriors at least one more year to figure things out. There’s also a scenario where LeBron James joins Curry in Golden State. The two may no longer be the faces of the NBA for long but seeing them play a season together would be big for the league.

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