LOOK: Boban Marjanovic Wearing Heat’s Vice Colors Sparks Speculation

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Getty Boban Marjanovic #51 of the Dallas Mavericks reacts during the first half against the Houston Rockets at The Arena at ESPN Wide World Of Sports Complex on July 31, 2020.

Dallas Mavericks star Boban Marjanovic celebrated the New Year by posting a hilarious new photo on his Instagram page. Marjanovic, the second tallest athlete in the NBA at 7-foot-4, used his tagline “You rang?” a reference to Lurch from The Addams Family, to wish his 857,000 followers a happy new year.

The 32-year-old Serbian player captioned the ’80s style picture, “2021, you raaaaannngggg?!? Wishing everyone a very special New Year.” However, what caught many people’s attention was the distinct color scheme of his throwback windbreaker.

The zip-up jacket, a combination of hot pink and electric blue, is nearly identical to the Miami Heat’s new 2021 Vice jerseys.

Shortly after Marjanovic posted the photo on Instagram, a Reddit thread speculated on whether or not there was a deeper meaning to his New Year’s post. Did the Miami Heat “rang?” Marjanovic? Or was his jacket choice merely a coincidence? One Heat fan commented, “I wish!!! I love the Bobanator.”

Marjanovic first made his NBA debut in 2015 while playing with the San Antonio Spurs. He then went on to play two seasons with the Detroit Pistons before joining the Los Angeles Clippers and the Philadephia 76ers. In 2019, he joined the Mavericks.

Marjanovic Performed His ‘You Rang’ Impersonation While Appearing on ‘Inside the NBA’

On August 19, while speaking to Shaq on TNT’s Inside the NBA, the former NBA legend asked Marjanovic to do his Lurch impression. The Mavericks star was in a great mood after the team defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 127-114 in Game 2 of their first-round playoff series and happily obliged.

Lurch, the servant to the Addams Family was played by Ted Cassidy in the popular TV series, who stood at an impressive 6-foot-9. Because of Marjanovic’s towering height, he’s regularly compared to the fictional character and has since embraced the juxtaposition. Fans can even buy Marjanovic “You Rang?” t-shirts at Larry Brown Sports store.

In 2019, Marjanovic made his film debut in the movie John Wick: Chapter 3 alongside Keanu Reaves. The NBA star plays an assassin who battles with Reeves in the New York Public Library.

In a separate Inside the NBA interview, Charles Barkley asked Marjanovic about the movie and whether or not he could “kick Keanu Reeves’ ass in real life.”

“Of course, my friend,” Marjanovic said. “I saw that with Shaq and he was in a lot of movies and he kicks everybody’s ass, so I was like, okay, I try to do the same.”

Marjanovic Signed a 2-Year $7 Million Contract With the Mavericks

As for whether or not there’s even a chance Marjanovic could be traded to another team, in July 2019, he signed a two-year $7 million contract with the Mavericks. This move came as a welcome surprise to Dallas fans, but sad news for the Sixers, as he’s one of the most efficient players in the NBA.

Marjanovic could soon become available if Dallas doesn’t extend his contract, and the NBA star turned action movie hero would naturally become a fan favorite in whatever city he lands in.

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