Heat Could Get Major Update in Damian Lillard Trade Pursuit ‘Early This Week’

Miami Heat trade target Damian Lillard.

Getty Miami Heat trade target Damian Lillard.

Less than a month after the Miami Heat came up short in the NBA Finals, all of the talk surrounding the team is the possibility of a trade for Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard. The chatter has taken the Heat fanbase by storm, with supporters waiting for the latest update on the aging star.

A new update could be on the way this week, according to The Athletic’s Sam Amick. Amick detailed the ongoing situation in Portland, revealing that Lillard and the front office are supposed to have a meeting “early this week.”

“According to a source briefed on the situation, the meeting to discuss the next steps of the roster-building process will likely be early this week,” Amick wrote in an article published on June 26.

The meeting between Portland’s No. 0 and team management is important for the Heat because it could be the moment where the star guard decides he’d like a change of scenery. The Blazers have been open about wanting to keep Lillard around, but would ultimately have to trade him if that was what he wanted.

“But if there isn’t a meeting of the Trail Blazers minds in Portland this week, and if the roster upgrades that are proving so difficult to pull off don’t come to fruition when the calendar turns to July and the crucial week that follows, it’s all eyes on Miami from there,” Amick continued. “Lillard indeed has serious interest in joining the Heat, who would surely love to pair him with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. If it reaches this point — and there’s still an “if” here considering all the times Lillard chose not to ask out before — Lillard’s wishes would matter a great deal because of the enormity of his contract.”

Heat Prioritizing Potential Trade for Damian Lillard

The potential of a move for Lillard has dominated recent news cycles for a reason. Miami has serious interest in adding the former All-NBA guard this summer. According to The Athletic’s David Aldridge, they’ve even made it a priority.

“Miami has clearly prioritized getting Damian Lillard from Portland, with Jimmy Butler a central part of the Heat’s recruiting pitch,” he wrote.

The Heat’s interest in the blockbuster move makes a ton of sense. They just ripped off what was a pretty improbable run to the NBA Finals, all without a massive star in the backcourt.

Tyler Herro, the Heat’s 23-year-old guard, missed all but one playoff game due to a broken hand. His absence makes the idea of dangling him in any potential deal much easier for the front office. It would feel as if they are negotiating with house money.

Kyle Lowry Likely to Be Dealt in Any Major Trade

In addition to Herro, 37-year-old point guard Kyle Lowry would likely be included in any major move. Heavy Sports’ NBA Insider Sean Deveney recently explained what makes the former NBA champion so pivotal towards Miami’s offseason plans.

“His play during the postseason helped resuscitate his trade value. But as old as he is, and considering his inability to stay healthy (he missed five weeks with a sore left knee just before the playoffs), that resuscitation is limited. With Lowry slated to earn $29.6 million next season, he would almost have to be part of any major Miami trade—it would be difficult to bring in, say, Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal without sending out Lowry.”

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