Tyler Herro: Best ‘Trade Piece’ Over Any Nets Player, Analyst Says

Harden Herro trade

Getty ESPN analyst Zach Lowe says Tyler Herro is not untouchable if there's a chance the Miami Heat can get James Harden from the Rockets.

James Harden has named the Heat as one of his preferred trade destinations, and it appears Miami has a strong interest in making that Blockbuster move a reality.

The big question is: Who is Pat Riley willing to give up in order to bring “The Beard” to South Beach?

The Heat and Rockets have engaged in conversations about Harden, according to Five Reasons Sports Network, and Locked on Heat Podcast‘s Wes Goldberg called Herro “untouchable” if the trade comes to fruition.

However, ESPN’s Zach Lowe thinks that’s a ridiculous claim to make when it’s Harden on the block.

“No, just no,” Lowe said of Herro not being up for trade. “If this ever becomes a thing, the Heat are having a hands on deck meeting to discuss it. Players like James Harden do not ever become available.”

And while Harden has mentioned an interest in being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks, Lowe believes Herro is the most valuable single trade piece on the market. Lowe said:

I do think Tyler Herro as a single trade piece trumps anything the Nets can offer. Now, whether it trumps the Nets throwing every pick and every swap and doing the same thing they did for the Celtics except a better player in his prime, that’s TBD. But Tyler Herro I think is a more valuable trade piece than Caris LeVert and anything else the Nets can offer. He’s not more valuable than Ben Simmons. If and when that discussion happens, if that ever is a thing, I think the Heat are at a disadvantage in that sense.

Heat Fans Have Strong Mixed Reactions to Herro Being Discussed as a Trade Option

Herro became an instant fan-favorite player in Miami, and the mere idea of him being traded to Miami during his sophomore season with the team has become a touchy subject.

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Even NBA analysts are struggling with the possible trade deal. CBS Sports Samuel H Quinn got a lot of flack on Twitter saying he would support the Herro trade for Harden. Afterward, Quinn clarified his statement by tweeting, “People are reading this tweet in which I literally stated I would trade Tyler Herro for James Harden as if I’m questioning the premise of trading Tyler Herro for James Harden.”

“Of course I would,” Quinn continued. “That doesn’t mean I’d be thrilled about trading someone I see as a future All-Star.”

Herro Has Not Been Officially Named as a Starter for the 2020-2021 Season

The 20-year-old budding superstar is beloved in Miami, however, head coach Erik Spoelstra has not officially named him as one of the team’s starters going into the new season. Herro, the Heat’s first-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, is primed to have a breakout season this year, but fans will have to wait and see if he’s put in the starting line-up.

Before making that decision, the team is looking to see how their old and new players gel in their upcoming pre-season game against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday, December 12.

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