Giannis Antetokounmpo ‘Could Fit’ Miami Heat: Bucks Legend Michael Redd

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Getty LeBron James & Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis Antetokounmpo is will be a highly sought after free agent next offseason if he doesn’t re-sign with the Milwaukee Bucks.

In 2016, Antetokounmpo agreed to a four-year, $100 million extension with the Bucks that runs through the 2020-21 season. During the 2018-19 season, the four-time All-Star led the league in efficiency rating and win shares and was named the NBA’s MVP.

While some believe that the Greek Freak will re-sign with the Bucks, some pundits think that the star laden Golden State Warriors that has Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson could be a fit.

So could the Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, Andre Iguodala and Kendrick Nunn led Miami Heat.

Million Dollar Question: Will The Greek Freak fit the Miami Heat?

“He would,” Milwaukee Bucks legend Michael Redd told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show.

“He would. They got the shooters. They got the closer in Jimmy Butler. But I think Khris could be that as Giannis continues to develop, maybe the offense is more Khris-centric in a sense because we saw what Khris can do from a closing standpoint and a playmaking standpoint. So Khris can be Jimmy and Jon Horst will continue to do a great job of putting shooters around Giannis. There’s parallels there. The culture of Miami is different than Milwaukee but, he could fit in Miami for sure. It’s going to be tougher with that Brooklyn Nets team coming next year. Hopefully it’ll be without KD’s injury, which is everything. His recovery is everything to that team but, the East is going to be tough next year again, so we’ll see how everything turns out.”

The Bucks lost to the Heat in the NBA Playoffs last season. Antetokounmpo has been hard at work during the NBA offseason. Some experts like Antoine Walker have shared that The Greek Freak is in a similar place that LeBron James was in his first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he’s going through growing pains while ascending to the next level.

At his 6’8, 260 pound frame, James is a swiss army knife on the court.

Michael Redd sees Antetokounmpo development and adaptation differently.

“Giannis is not a guard, although he has those skill sets,” says Michael Redd.

“LeBron has been graced with a unique talent, basketball I.Q. gifting that Giannis doesn’t have yet. Giannis is just a freak of a body, a freak of an athlete and so he’s made strides over the years, but there’s a lot of more work to be done. From a post standpoint, Giannis could be really good in the post if he develops his moves and footwork in the post. His midrange game. His ability to pick and pop more so than his ability to drive all the time.”

Michael Redd sees The Greek Freak’s balance of strength and finesse in a similar way that Dirk Nowitzki found it in his career. “Yeah definitely,” he said.

“I’m going to be honest with you. What’s going to help Giannis all the more is more talent. As he gets older and you go through miles, you become more wiser and you become more savvier and that forces you to work on your game. You’re still just a young lion who can just – I think time and age will help him refine his game a little bit more. He’ll be 26 next year and so you know, time and experience and heartache and the pain of losing forces you to adjust your game. And the last 2 years he’s seen walls. That downhill ability to euro-step and to overpower won’t necessarily work in the playoff’s high leverage moments. Second round, third round, Finals level…those teams when you have a week to prepare is hard. So, the regular season almost lies to you in a sense and it’s like a culture shock when you get into the playoffs having dominated all season long a certain way and it’s a different level. Miami is probably the most talented defensive team in the playoffs right now.”